If your wardrobe is mostly black, MOP or ONYX Alhambra 20 motif?

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Mostly black wardrobe, go with

  1. 20 motif WG MOP

    13 vote(s)
  2. 20 motif YG Onyx

    16 vote(s)
  1. Which would you choose? I think both pop in their own way! Pics please! I'm thinking WG MOP or YG Onyx (and then evntually BOTH :biggrin:) but for now, let's choose!
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  2. I probably would go 20 motif YG MOP, but not WG MOP
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  3. I have the black onyx Vintage YG, the black onyx single pendant Pure in YG and the black onyx Magic single pendant YG that I doubled the chain, and it speaks volume. no matter what color I am wearing... since I purchased the Magic bracelet with the large MOP on it...now I do want the MOP around my neck, but I'll either get a Magic pendant and have it long and interchange placement from doubled chain when I wear the black onyx Magic single pendant long and back and forth, or the Magic long multi-size motifs in MOP... both really long, and not sure if I will love it after a while. You should get both... if you can extend one to give yourself the layered and cascade effect, that would be clever.
  4. I'll go with MOP Yellow Gold over MOP white gold or Onyx Yellow Gold
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  5. I do LOVE onyx immensely and layering them and have been ewying the magic pendant as well. I am one of those people that can never have enough black (and GOLD!) and all your pieces sound so exquisite :heart:!
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  6. The yellow golds are the favorites, I see, and I am thinking I love this for the 20 motif and leaning toward onyx and maybe MOP for 10 motif to layer? Just daydreaming outloud... Maybe go for the magic for my white gold fix for a more casual look?
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  7. We are twinning when it comes to black (and GOLD) particularly yellow gold... I like white gold like I like white chocolate... it's nice... but it's something about yellow gold that does it for me... like dark chocolate... yum... Thank you for the compliment, I enjoy my collection immensely... a man that rocks VCA around his neck and wrist... a rarity to see both, that is one of the reasons why I do, and the love story behind VCA and the energy from said piece... also, I get tons of compliments on it...lol. You have to get that 20 motif in onyx and yellow gold first... it seems like that's your first love... never let your first love get away, or try to substitute it with something else... you won't be happy and you will always long for what it is that you truly desire. You will be posting a picture of you in your new piece soon and often, I feel it in my bones,
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  8. I'm a bit of an odd one here but I own the 20 motif MOP/WG and I love it!!! I also own a lot of YG VCA - I feel my mood will determine whether it's a YG kind of day, or a WG kind of day. There is something crisp and fresh about my WG/MOP and I get tons of compliments on it.
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  9. I do love the crispness if it and it has a very modern feel, too! I wear a lot of platinum jewelry and I feel the WG MOP will easily fit into my current wardrobe. I really think the answer to get both. Duh, right?:lol:
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  10. My friend has WG MOP and said that it is turning yellow in places. Has this happened to anyone else??
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  11. Also, can you post modeling pics of WG 20 ? I dont think Ive ever seen that combo
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  12. Get both! That's what I did.
    I wear a lot of black and white. My first VCA was the 20-motif Onyx/YG. I thought it was a little hard by itself-and lonely. I next added the 20-motif white MOP/YG along w the Magic pendant in white MOP. I love wearing them all together. I later filled-in with the all YG alhambra, which enables me to mix and match with any of my alhambra's.
    I love wearing two together--it makes quite a statement and the black and white together are amazing.
    My recommendation is to buy whichever one makes your heart go pitter-patter, and then add . . . It's a slippery slope!
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  13. MOP!!!
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  14. Woah!!!
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  15. Oh my goodness!! We need photos!!!!:heart:
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