If your payment is refunded can a seller file a NPB?

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  1. I won an item and paid immediately. Seller claimed to have some issues with their paypal account with confirming their checking account. First the seller asked me if she could refund my payment and have me send a check and she assured me she would ship after the check cleared - no way. She told me she "does this all the time" yet this seller only has 1 eBay feedback. She refunded my payment over night but now is sending me a message asking me to re-pay via paypal. At this point I am not sure I feel comfortable moving forward with this transaction. My question is can this seller file a NPB against me if I don't re-pay? or am I covered since I did pay and the seller refunded? Thanks for your help ladies :smile:
  2. If you do not want to go through with it now and she threatens non pyng bidder then save the emails and show paypal and ebay she was trying to circumvent fees by going outside for payment.
  3. She refunded your payment... end of story..

    She can't file a NPB now after she has refunded you..

    And she has probably had many transactions off line hence the comment.

    She does it all the time..
  4. Thank you, this was what I though but I just wanted to be sure.
  5. Good point, all communication was via eBay messages so I should be ok.
  6. She can file a "mutually agree to cancel" NPB which is often done when a transaction gets cancelled or an item is returned. I don't think she can file a unilateral NPB which is the kind that generates a strike against the buyer.

    I would feel uncomfortable going forward with this seller as well.
  7. Agree. Sometimes people do have legitimate problems w/their PayPal, but I would be uncomfortable w/the fact that she tried to get you to pay in a way in which you'd have no recourse if something went wrong.
  8. Thank you everyone. I messaged the seller asking her just to cancel the transaction and she decided to just invoice me via paypal direct in her free time. She must of copied my email address from my original payment via eBay checkout. I will not being paying this invoice since it isn't connected to the eBay item in anyway. There is definitely something odd going on here...
  9. once a lady told me to send her a card with cash in it and told me "I do it all the time". enough said.
  10. Good lord...can you honestly imagine asking someone to do that? Some of these sellers are just plain nutty :lol: