If your LV purse breaks for no reason, can LV replace it for free?

  1. I just got a call from my mom saying that her LV purse (damier aubagne) which was purchased on Dec 23 just broke. She's at a wedding right now and she said the screw fell off; now she can't find it. You would think that LV would fix it for free since she paid $1,190 plus tax on a purse she thought should have been made with better quality. Has anyone here had this type of situation, and what was the outcome of it? Now I have to dig for the receipt and drive to her place this weekend to see what we can do (which isn't bad cause I get to visit the LV store which i've been trying hard to stay away from:yahoo:)
  2. omg that;s awful! I've never heard of such a thing! Stupid quality control!!!
  3. They will try to fix it first, if it cannot be fixed then they would offer a replacement. It depends though.
  4. I say go to LV boutique and explain the situation, and I sure hope they fix or replace it.
  5. Awww... I hope it can be fixed ASAP!! *crosses fingers*
  6. yes, they should definitely fix it for free, it's still under their 1/2 year guarantee
  7. they only have 1/2 year guarantees? That's kinda crappy lol...
  8. they should have fix it ASAP if the LV store you purchase from have onsite repair, also if you can't dig out the receipt, i am sure they will have your info in the system if you purchase from the same store. Good luck and keep us update!
  9. sorry to hear about that...please keep us updated.
  10. 1/2 year garuntee???
    i thought they were garunteed for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. What's the aubagne? :shame:
  12. Ok, i found the receipt. Now if my mom can't find the screw, that shouldn't be a problem right?
  13. Sorry to hear that!

    I hope they replace it for her. That's like less than a month!
  14. shouldn't be. it's lv.
  15. It's a shoulder purse. I'll take pics when i see my mom and keep this thread updated. Hopefully LV will have a heart, if not, i'll have to be "ghetto" like the thread from yesterday when the girl when, "oh hell no" :p