If your life were an amusement park ride...

  1. What would it be called?
  2. Tornado???!!!
  3. love boat. :love:
  4. the hall of mirrors, the pointless, disfuncitonal stupidity of me
  5. dont know yet.. but something similar to the wonderful roller coaster rides Cedar Point.. heheh
  6. right now I've got two rides going in my house.
    #1: "Boredom" the flattest roller coaster around...no hills, no flips, no nothing. Result of a self-imposed spending freeze to redecorate my house.

    #2: "Drama" This is the roller coaster of everyone's dreams. Unexpected ups, sudden downs,and always getting taken for a loop.
    This is not my family, but my husband's sister who lives in town...the drama of this family seems to get brought over to my house on a daily basis. It's driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. it would be like a funhouse with midgits running around

    ie start off like a nice disney movie and then enter into like the depths of hell
  8. Mine would be called "Good/Bad Temper" huge rollercoaster with tons of ups and downs :rolleyes: :lol:
  9. It'd be a scary ride, where your eyes are held open and you're forced to read (think Clockwork Orange). This, is my life !!