If Your Kelly Or Birkin Could Talk What Would It Say???

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  1. I think my KELLY would say: "Please undo my straps before you reach inside and don't put so much in my inner pocket.":sad:

    I think my BIRKIN would say: "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright! And I pity any girl who isn't me tonight!":smile:
  2. The closet is too crowded, stop buying more bags.
    and...I don't get out enough!
  3. My Kelly would say "thanks a LOT for buying that bloody vert anis....I'll never get a look in now......"
  4. ...or it would say "when are you going to take me in for a polish, you lazy cow...."?
  5. They would say, "We would like some company, dear. Not that we have a say or anything, but if it were up to us, we would send you to the Hermes store to bring us back some neighbors, more inhabitants of big orange boxes. Oh and while you're at it, some diversity, please...we think some blue jean or orange would make things more interesting around here."

    Of course, they would express this in French, where it would sound not nearly as polite.
  6. Why are Kelly's so Sh**ty all the time?
  7. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they're high-maintainance ladies......
  8. They have an inferiority complex next to Birkins. They think they are second fiddle and that is giving them the hissies:crybaby: I keep reassuring them that they are first in my book or my name isn't Grace Kelly!
  9. "Buy Me!"

  10. But HH, which one of the girls would you take? Have you finally made up your mind regarding the lucky lady who is going home with you?
  11. Most of the time the Kelly is very critical. "What ze f**k are you varing?"

    The Birkin is far more forgiving. "Don't worry...Uggs are still in."
  12. gracie, i've got nothing but time. :crybaby:
    my, ahem, patience, will make me a tremendously greedy, er, grateful customer when the time comes. if i could pick one now, it would be fjord 25 or 28 in black or raisin. when the time finally comes, i'm betting i won't give 2 figs if it's rainbow-striped straw.
    hopefully, dh will hold me up (i might need support by then, brittle bones, etc... gee, i hope dh is still around (dark)) and help me stick to black, raisin or rouge h, in a textured but sturdy leather (love that masculine constrast), and gold hw.
  13. Mais oui! Mme Kelly is more formal and dressy and Birkin is more loosey goosey and casual.
  14. OMG......this just cracked me up...............:roflmfao:
  15. Mine would say lay off buying scarves so you can save $$$ and buy me already!!!! :sweatdrop: