If your house was on fire...................

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  1. OK ladies, the house is burning, all family, pets etc are out and you have time to save one and ONLY ONE pair of your CLs........which is it gonna be :devil:?

    For me it's got to by my purple Rolandos :love: but what's yours?

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  2. Well since I have yet to find a pair that fits, I would save my preciouse dog Scruffy.:love:
  3. I'm going to be terrible at this game because I only have the one pair! So that would be my precious leopard patent NP's!!
  4. I would probably burn with the house, paralyzed by indecision.

    Black kid Bourge boots. No wait--leopard ponyhair Helmuts.
  5. Chins! You and I are so on the same wave! I was just going to post a new thread... Your Desert Island CLs! If you could only keep one pair!!!! Hahahahaha! I guess in my search for appreciating the beauties I have instead of always looking for my next pair, I thought this would be a great way to do it. ;)

    Sooo....the house is on fire...
    This may sounds crazy since I have some styles that are more HTF, but I think I'd grab my Black Jazz Decolletes. They are so perfect in every way. Dressed up, dressed down...they are always just perfect.

    This is assuming I couldn't go to the store to get replacements, of course.
  6. shoot. i can't decide. honestly i think my nude satin slingback yoyo zeppas. i ADORE them. they make me feel like a princess. but since i haven't worn most of my others that's a tough call. can i also pick my tan mias?
  7. OMG OMG I can't decide.
  8. I haven't bought a pair of CLs in years (not counting the pair I just got off ebay) so the CLs I have are out of style and would be the last thing on my mind if my house was on fire (I'm just being honest here :shame:smile:

  9. :yes:. Me too legal!!!! My jaws? My roccia python simples? My black python simples? My tortoise VPs? Just bury me with the CL ashes!!!!!!:crybaby:
  10. This one is tough. It is easier for me to decide what I would allow to burn than what I would save. I am at a loss between my nude VP, tortoise VP, black kid VP, roccia python simple, leopard pony Pigalle, python pigalle, hmm...
  11. My darling yoyo 85s would be saved. As much as I love my CL espadrilles...they would have to go to the great CL heaven in the sky
  12. I would have to say it would be a toss up between my python fontanetes and iowa zeppas.
  13. Does my BF get to rescue a pair, too? Please?

  14. Easy one.....my Glitters!!!

    After I scooped up my shih tzu, Abby I would grab the Glitters. They would lift my spirits everytime I started to cry about my house being a pile of ashes.
  15. After I made certain I had DD in arms & DS was by my side, it would be my black red architeks as I love them and they were signed by CL.