If your gut tells you no... (Warning: Rant)

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  1. I should absolutely have listened to my gut with this one! I've sold a fair amount on eb@y and bonz and have only had to deal with a return once... but this time, I am dealing with a totally PITA buyer... she bought a chanel bag from me and now is claiming that 1. it is NOT authentic and 2. it is not new (it's apparently too rough and looks worn) and wants a refund. The bag is a 100000% authentic and brand new... it states on my auction that it is DISTRESSED LAMBSKIN!!! Of course it's rough. that's the LOOK! it just made me mad when she said that she owns many chanel bags and they don't look like the bag she received. :cursing: you're not the only person on this planet who owns a chanel bag you know!

    Given all the horror stories i've heard on this forum, i've decided to refund her her money once she returns the bag... now i'm just worried she's going to do a bait and switch!!!!! i asked that she ship it back using INSURANCE and SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION... let's see if that actually happens. i'm just praying and hoping that the bag makes it back in the condition I sent it out in!

    I knew she was going to be a PITA after the 10 million messages i got AFTER she bought the bag. I was half expecting her to return it because of buyers remorse! but accusing me of sending her a fake bag just makes me :mad: Next time, a lesson learned... if your gut tells you something is going to go wrong... now i'm out shipping and insurance, but let's hope that's all i'm out!
  2. :sad: Sorry you have to put up with this PITA. Fingers crossed that your bag comes back safely.
  3. Thanks Lushbaby! i'm really worried she's going to pull a bait and switch! :sad:
  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. It sounds like it is just a case of buyers remorse and she's clutching at straws - hopefully no intention to bait and switch - keep us updated :smile:
  5. hope everything works out for you!
    maybe she didn't look at the pictures closely and didn't unterstand the word distressed. . . I experience more and more ppl not reading descriptions and looking at pics on ebay these days. . .
  6. what is PITA?
  7. Pain in the A...
  8. Don't worry too much about this - this hardly ever happens. On the other hand, buyer's remorse happens all the time. I'm sure this is what you are dealing with and the bag will come back in the same condition it left you.
  9. ^agree here.. is does sound like buyer's remorse or the fact that she is not familiar with this textured lambskin.. upon inspection of the returned bag you can then issue the refund..

    the right buyer will come along and enjoy this bag...

    sorry that you had to deal with this PITA unfortunately there are many
    of them around!!
  11. My fingers are crossed for you that it works out.
  12. Sorry this has happened to you. I totally agree with listening to one's gut -- but have yet to develop a strategy for getting out of a deal once the auction closes, y'know? I suspect saying "Sorry, I've decided you are a PITA and I don't want to deal with you" just isn't acceptable.
  13. I hate buyers that after they have won ask a million questions. No matter how patient I am it never goes right after that. I am sorry this happened to you. Hopefully it will be over soon.
  14. Sorry about what you have to go through! Hope you will receive your bag back soon.:smile:
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    One more terrible ebay story. Hope this turns out well (you receive the bag that you sent out back) and please keep us posted on the outcome.:smile: