If you won the lottery, which ONE bag/wallet would you get??

  1. So if you won the lottery and you could only get ONE bag & ONE wallet............which would it be??

    POST PICS OF THEM SO WE CAN SEE WHAT IT IS, in case some of us don't know........hehe

    Mine would be the Mahina XL in gris w/the matching Amelia wallet


    lvmahinagris.JPG lvameliagris.JPG
  2. This is fun, I would get the Suhali Lock-it PM in white and an Epi Eugenie Wallet in Ivoire.
  3. Mine would be either the Houston or Brentwood in Framboise/Pome/Amarante and matching PTI!

    One can dream, right?
  4. Croc Lockit--most likely in black
    w/ matching wallet
  5. Definitely a blue Suhali Lockit and matching accessories.
  6. I would buy an SO Blue Alligator Keepall 45 and an SO Blue Alligator Zippy Organizer to match it! :drool: I don't have pics as I don't think they have ever made either!
  7. I would get the Black Denium gm Cabby and the pomme zippy to start...
  8. I'd find a khaki graffiti speedy on eBay in mint condition!!
  9. LOL, I'd get the same exact thing!
  10. Definitely the Waltz Oskar! And if I could not find one, it would be either the Exotic Watercolor Speedy or Mono Stephen bag.:p
  11. i'd get a big steamer trunk! and a mc pochette wallet heh
  12. Well, it would be a Hermes in black crocodile.
  13. I would get the exotic Motard Biker if I won the lottery.
  14. Suhali Le Fab in Black and MC wallet