If You Win the Lottery

  1. What is the FIRST Hermes item you'll buy?
  2. the question should be "what wouldn't I buy"?:nuts: :drinkup:
  3. ok i would give them my list and then say " here these bags i want make it all diamond hardware you have 9 month and please ship it to my home nicely wrapped . thank you very much *airkisses*
  4. The Himalaya bag?:lol:
  5. I love it, Lilach!! Would you want them all in the clear-color diamonds or color diamonds?

    I would love to see a fuchsia porosus croc or a baby rose porosus croc with pink diamonds on white gold hardware!
  6. Just wrap up the entire store, except the Himalaya.
  7. YEAH!!! that is the one!:roflmfao: it looks like the craftsman/woman who made it was:tispy: !
  8. oh haven´t thought about yet. but coloured diamonds souds intrueging but pink diamonds look best on pink gold as the gold reflects and compliments the colour of the stones better better same applies for yellow diamonds and yellow gold.
    but i guess since i am anal about matching things i would take them all as colourless "white" diamonds so that they match my jewelry and not only spedcific pieces :girlsigh:
  9. How about a whole croc with diamonds set... birkin, wallet, key case, belt, and the "H" shoes, and all the watches...oh just wrap up the whole thing the building an the grounds it stands on too! :yes: :supacool:
  10. yay basically buy the whole friggin company. damn that bill gates is already married "hermes compay"labeled "mine" would have been a nice wedding present
  11. Well, it is a publically traded company (french stock market)...we could buy the stock!
  12. i know but what is the use of a couple of stocks. i want at least 51 % :hysteric: (mhmm remembers me of my divorce :angel: :shocked: )
  13. You Go Lilach! You GOTTA have controlling interest!!!

    If I won the lottery? I think I'd buy that TDF vintage porosus Croc Kelly on LZ first (my desires are somewhat simple, I guess....just want the best!) and then a vintage Gold Ostrich Kelly and then a NEW black Croc or Gator Bern with Gold hardware and a NEW Black Ostrich 30cm Birkin with Pall hw and then a few more cashmere stoles, a bunch of H shoes, a H leather jacket, a few fur pieces and anything else that strikes my fancy at whatever H boutique I happen to stroll into.....especially in PARIS where I'll be LIVING!

    .....if I win the lottery......
  14. This is just torture to even think about- I agree though, what wouldn't I want. True, not the himalaya bag. But I gotta tell you, a chocolate chevre birkin, fuschia ostrich anything, blue jean togo birkin, and a cognac or cocoan croc would be right up there. Oh, and I'll take a black box Kelly for dress, and a fuschia, rouge or vermillion kelly togo rigide, and if I can find it a caramel ostrich anything!!! Also, throw in that fuschia croc bearn with the diamond closure, and a black one as well.

    Ok, this was so much fun! Thanks for letting me dream a little!
  15. Matte chocolate crocodilus porosus 35 Birkin with gold hardware

    And a black box plume! And a navy! And a beige canvas black leather Kelly! And a white chevre 30 cm birkin with palldium hardware! :king: