if you were to pick a balenciaga STRICTLY on the looks... which one would you pick??

  1. say you were to pick a balenciaga bag STRICTLY on the looks only... and not the price or the size or the functionality of it.

    Which one do you think looks the BEST on most people???

    - CITY (medium)


    - CLASSIQUE (small)

    and PLEASE tell me the reasons why?

    I think the city because the classique looks off on tall people.
  2. i love both styles & adore the first, but the city works on everyone :tender:
  3. totally agree!!!! :wlae:
  4. I think the city is really the perfect b-bag.

    That being said, everytime I use my 2001 le dix - it takes my breath away. :love:
  5. I like the city...I don't have one for myself, but I love the way it looks on everyone on the board!!! It's very functional too!
  6. another vote for the City! Looks great on everyone!
  7. For looks strictly.. probably the classique. I think it looks perfect but I wish it was a little bigger.

    Edit: I forgot to read "on most people" so I change my answer to City :shame::shame::shame: I think it looks good on everyone!
  8. City. Good for both look & function. IMO.
  9. City. The First looks roundish to me and I prefer the boxy structure.
  10. City- its just such an easy, awesome bag to use and I love the way it looks on me personally, but just in general it is very proportional to many different frames and is super functional- I can carry all my crap in it no problem!
  11. I'm not a balenciaga fan at all(I think the tasles would drive me nuts), so when I saw this post, I googled both bags out of curiousity. At first I thought Classique, but as I looked at the pictures more, I definitely found the City to be slightly more breathtaking. GEEZ, every time I come on this forum I find one more expensive thing to covet... puts twiggy on bag want list..
  12. 'On people'? City, definitely. But I actually prefer the looks of the First, at least at the moment - I go through phases of lusting after a particular style. Last month it was the twiggy, a couple of weeks back the Purse. Now its the First. :shame:
  13. I'd say the city. I am anxious to check out the part time though which is very similar to the city!
  14. I've always loved the way the first looks on the shoulder using the shoulder strap.
  15. I'd definitely have to say the City. I'm 5'9 and the First is too small for me in my opinion.