If you were to get a Vernis French purse...which colour would you get?


Which French purse to get?

  1. Amarante

  2. Pomme d'Amour

  3. Perle

  4. Don't get Vernis...get something else (please specify)

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  1. My next wallet will most likely be a Vernis French purse...I was planning on getting a mono or damier one but I already have one wallet in each of the two patterns so I thought maybe I should go for something different this time.

    Now that the amarante French purse comes with 8 CC slots I'm even more convinced to go Vernis...and from another thread pomme d'amour and perle French purses are also supposed to come out with 8 CC slots soon too. I'll most likely be getting this after school starts and I've received my scholarship check so I hope that's sufficient time for LV to come out with the pomme/perle 8 CC FP's.

    Now my question is...which colour should I get and why?

    I have no amarante pieces YET but I plan on getting the Sunset Boulevard, inclusion bracelet and maybe a Reade PM in this colour. So would getting a wallet be overdose? (I do kind of like variety)

    I do have a pomme d'amour cles but I do not plan on getting any bags in this colour. But would I have difficulties matching the red to my bags?

    Perle...love it but I'm scared of colour transfer. I don't own anything in this colour, and I probably won't get the wallet in this colour but I'll throw it in the poll anyway.
  2. I'm partial towards the epi line. :biggrin:
  3. I voted Amarante...I just love this colour
  4. Pomme has my vote. :tup:
  5. Pomme goes with a lot of bags, particularly the red interior of Damier ebene bags.
  6. I love Perle but sadly I would probably get it filthy within the first week.
  7. I forgot to add the fingerprint issue...please take that into account.
    I'm going to vote other just so I can see the votes immediately after clicking this thread.
  8. Def. Amarante =)
  9. I have the pomme and love it. Soooo pretty. I am going to get the Amarante in Koala (the color and the lock are stunning together!).
  10. I got the amarante FP but returned it today. Beautiful but so impractical... I'd prefer the pomme because I think it's a fantastic color, matching my cerises and the damier interior and you don't see the fingerprints as much.
  11. Pomme or Amarante!
  12. I would get the pomme. I have a fench purse in the pomme and don't have any trouble with it.
  13. I voted for pomme, although framboise is my personal fave!
  14. Pomme is my vote for sure! It goes so well with both Damier and Mono. Also the finger print issue on Amarante is something that is an issue for me and I worry about Pearle yellowing or color transfer happening. Also I just love Pomme, it is fun and classic.
  15. Pomme!! Not loving the darkness of amarante *ducks for flying handbags* Sorry!!