If you were to get a 25cm Birkin or 25cm Kelly, What color would you choose?

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  1. I am interested in both the 25cm Birkin and the 25cm Kelly.
    Hopefully I will one day be able to order one....

    Just curious as to what colors you think suit that size the best? Pop of color? Or perhaps a neutral?

    I love etoupe but I feel like those types of neutrals wash me out. Even beiges do that to me!
    But black will make it appear even smaller huh?

    So I am thinking of a brighter color that can work with many outfits?
    Just a fun thread to see opinions.

    Even if you don't want/like a 25cm...I'm still interested in what you have to say color-wise....

    Edit: I forgot about the leather which is important .. so what leathers do you like on small bags?

    I wanted a black box originally but am worried it will look too small in dark colors
  2. I personally like the 25cm size Birkin in exotics. The texture of the skin makes the bag appear larger IMHO. I have black in lizard, and it does look small in black, but the texture gives the bag a lot of depth KWIM? In regular leathers I love a pop of color for this size. I am also truly amazed at how much I can actually fit in these bags!

    Good luck with whatever you finally decide on :smile:

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  3. You have a good point there. It does look great in exotics!
    Thanks for posting such nice photos too!
  4. I agree with Ranag. I love the 25s in exotics. My 25cm Kelly is in black boxcalf, and I like it for more dressy occasions, although I have certainly worn it as a daily bag for grocery store runs, etc. If I were to get another 25cm Kelly, I would either go exotic in a dark non-black color or box or chevre in a pop color.
  5. Pop of color. Harder to get away with bright colors in larger bags.
  6. for the 25cm love exotics in a pop of color
  7. I have to say I like the more sober colors like ranags black or her lezard ombré because they look better for my taste as they have a more classic look on bigger bags I like color and and brightness for the 25 I love them in darker shades exotic if possible .
  8. I would in a second get a 25 cm Ombre Lizard kelly or a Braise Croc kelly!!!:love:
  9. i'd love an exotic 25, can't do that at the moment.

    my uhg at the moment is a deep rich green ala daphne guinness. wouldn't mind vert bengal croc /gator hee hee
  10. I would go for 25 birkin or kelly in ostrich black or gold or etoupe or rouge H with Gold hardware!
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    I also agree that 25 birkin looks better in exotics. Btw, mine is violet lizard. However, I'd have to say the new iris and rubis are fun colors to have. They'll look so cute for 25 birkin or 25 kelly.

    I personally think small birkins look better with popping colors!!

    Good luck and remember to reveal your treasure after you find her =)

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  12. I would choose 25cm birkin in exotic skin.I have tried black croco 25cm birkin before,and it doesn't look that small,though it's black..
  13. I would prefer 25cm birkin or 25 kelly in exotics in pop colours eg violet lizard, fuschia ostrich and braise croc.
  14. I have the 25 Birkin in exotics. In leather I think I would love an Iris, Rubis, or Vert Bengale.
  15. I would choose a 25cm Kelly in gris fonce lizard. A neutral to go with anything but dressy. If that makes sense?