If You Were to choose one bag --kelly ,Birkin ,Bolide


If you were to choose ;

  1. Kelly

  2. Birkin

  3. Bolide

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. in relation to looks ,function and everything put together which would it be:graucho:
  2. I would pick the Birkin because it is so beautiful and easy to use.
  3. If I could only choose one, for me, the Kelly wins, hands-down.
    While I also adore the Bolide, I think the Kelly is the most classic, feminine, beautiful, iconic, timeless bag that has ever or will ever be made.
  4. Bolide wins for me!
  5. With out a doubt....Birkin for me...:heart:
  6. KELLY:love:
  7. I totally AGREE! KELLY! Hands down! :yes:
  8. I knew it!...Heehehee...No wonder your ID is Kellybag:p :graucho: !
  9. Birkin for me
  10. I voted Bolide (surprise, surprise).

    I would vote Kelly, but given my lifestyle, and the fact that I prefer the sellier Kelly, for me right now it's the Bolide :love:
  11. lol, a popularity contest?

    a. thank you for including the bolide as an option:flowers: :flowers:
    b. while i agree with greentea about the beauty of the kelly as an object, we're talking about one purse to use forever, and since i would want to carry my one hermes purse every day, forever, the bolide is the one that goes the distance and would satisfy every purse need i have.:heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Birkin all the way. I love the Kelly but it is a bit too formal for me and I would struggle I think with the single handle/clasp. The Bolide is growing on me, but doesn't yet make my heart sing. The Birkin? Sigh, stroke :heart: !
  13. Def. the Birkin!

    I have my BJ 30 and i'm soooo surprised at what you can fit in that bugger! It's definitely easier to handle and use than the Kellys i've had.

    Don't get me wrong, i definitely want another Kelly sometime and a couple of Bolides, but the Birkin is just IT for me.
  14. KELLY:love: I've yet to own a bag that I love as much as I love my Kelly!!!
  15. I agree with HiHeels....although it does not make my heart beat quite as fast as the Birkin or Kelly, my black Clemence Mou Bolide is a bag who will be a friend for life....she can go anywhere, meet anyone and do anything.;)