If you were to BE A LV BAG, which one would you be?

  1. IMO, you can tell a lot about a girl by the kind of bag she carries. For example, I'm the girl that likes oversized bags. I just like to lug around a lot of stuff, and feel I have backup if I'm out and I need more room for stuff. Some girls carry petite bags, some flashy, some more subtle. Since we all love LVs, if you had to be one, which one would you be and why???

    I would be the Mahattan, it's just so swanky and metropolitan. I love city life and the rush of exploration!
  2. I would be a Speedy (30, in Monogram Canvas, just like the one that I proudly own, or 25, in Epi Leather, maybe in Mandarin).
  3. i want to be LV PROPRIETOR !!!
  4. a carryall in mono (the first lv bag i plan to buy) cos its exactly my style the classics of a keepall with a new funky twist to give a fresh spin on it! So that would be my preference! either that or a prefro for the same reason
  5. :lol:
    i think i'd like to be either the Manhattan GM - because i think it screams LV or one of the leathers in the EPI range... maybe the red epi or the mandarin.... something FUN! :amuse:
  6. I'd be my Batignolles Horizontal, bc it's classy but casual!
  7. Manhattan PM :love:
  8. :love: LeFab
  9. I am my MC speedy fringe bag!!! Classic style with twist of colorful CRAZY!
  10. alma for sure as beeing a true classic :heart:
  11. Le Fab!!!!
  12. Speedy.........classic and timeless :smile:

  13. I just love the Multicolor, Damier, and the Epi line. So to answer your question, I want ALL the purses in those style, hehehe.
  14. I would be a MIZI: VIENNA when dressed up and Mono when I am casual!!!:lol:
  15. I'd be a Mono Speedy
    Small and Fun but totally functional.
    Something that can be trendy but has still been around long enough to be considered a classic :smile: