If you were to advise me on my 1st balenciaga.....

  1. New here. Checked out b-bags at Barneys a month or so ago, and really liked them. Would want a smallish size, probably a fun color. My 2 other '06 f/w bags include a Chloe paddington in nutmeg, and a Prada antic cervo drawstring bag. This would be the fun, little bag with a burst of color. Would want it in one of the popular colors and styles, and I don't know what is what. Perhaps grenat or olive??? I heard this was an addictive forum....just wandered over here to take a peek, and look, I am already posting. The last thing I need is a 3rd bag for the season, but they are pretty wonderful. Balenciaga is not sold where I live so I can't go see them IRL. Thanks!!
  2. I think the city is a good size if you're looking for something not too overwhelming. Also the twiggy is a nice size.
  3. I'd say for the new rouge vif first...it's a small bag, great for going out or if you usually don't carry much.Also the color is such a fantastic shade...it's bright enough to add alittle POP to your wardrobe but not so awkward that it won't go with most colors.

    plus since it's red..I think you'll get alot of use out of it during this holiday season.It'll add a festive kick to any clothing choices.
  4. The city is a good size. I would suggest grenat or rouge vif.
  5. i seriously can't get over how incredibly gorgeous your rouge vif is.:tender:
  6. Go with the rouge vif city, it's a hot bag!
  7. If you want a little bag in a fun color, definitely go for Rouge Vif / Fire Engine Red First! It's truly beautiful! It takes lots and lots of self-control on my part to resist ordering one (check back with me in a few months though, I might get one by then anyway:roflmfao:). Let us know what you decide on, and Triplets05, WELCOME to the Balenciaga sub-forum where addiction is not a sickness & considered normal :angel::lol:
  8. I say Rouge VIF First!
  9. Lord Guinny...yeah a familiar friend!! What would be close to the Chloe grenat? Lord Guinny first got me hooked on this! I don't want anything too fire engine red. What are the dimensions of the city?? Is it more square, and the twiggy more rectangular?? The one I was liking at Barneys was in the high $900's. I wish I would have paid more attention, but I was all about Chloe that day!!
  10. The city is more spuare/rectangular, and the twiggy is sort of a barrel-ish shape. It's longer and more shallow than the city. I believe the twiggy retails for $1095 now, I think the first might be what you saw for $995. Hope that helped a bit!
  11. Hi Triplets! :flowers: I think the Rouge VIF is too bright for me too. I admire the heck out of those who can pull it off, but I think for me it wouldn't work. I think that grenat (I think it is called oxblood this year), bordeux or rouille might be best for me. I really need to see the colors in real life to make a decision. It is hard to tell in the photos, but I think rouge '05 would be awesome too. I'm kinda looking for a deep burgandy reddish color. Like velvet red curtains you see in the Opera houses. I plan to stop at Balenciaga in France so we'll see if I come home with a new First. I'm hooked!
  12. I agree - sounds like you were looking at a First. That's the size I thought best for you from your description of what you want. When you said "fun color" and then said "grenat or olive" in the next breath...that told me that your fun is perhaps more on the conservative side than what I was thinking when you said "fun" ... lol. The colors that came to my mind as "fun" were Rouge Vif or Blueberry. But if you like Grenat - go for it ... it's a very versatile color, and still a little different from your basic brown or black.

    Welcome to Balenciaga ... and warning.... you're entering dangerous territory. ;)
  13. lol!!! :true:
  14. A City, Purse, or Twiggy is a good start. As far as colors rouge vif is fabulous.