if you were thinking of getting the pocket agenda..


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
I got it today, and I think I'm going to keep it actually.:confused1:
Its hardcover smooth leather, and the inside is just like the regular agenda but with a yellowed parchment tint, and it has a couple of pages for addresses, important dates and such. sadly it is damaged, so I gotta go exchange it. But I have no use for one of their bigger agendas, even the 3 by 5, I have address book in a small thing separately and in my phone, I have this adorable nancy drew jotter from B&N for a couple of dollars, and now this. and the best thing is its small and hard, so it can fit in a smaller bag. I'll put picts up wednesday night or thursday, since its damaged and I need to exchange it.
what's up with people getting so many damaged goods lately?!

even though my satchel was fine, the box it came in was pretty beat up...i would've have been ticked if it was meant to be a gift.
^^Both zoe clutches came in damaged, and so did the agenda, the foiling on the edged was rippled and ripped. also the wristlet I exchanged the keypouch for was also scuffed and discolored. It seems like riverside and JAX churns out the damaged goods. sprinkles store though hasn't failed me yet.