If you were thinking of buying a white Birkin....

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  1. :graucho:

    what leather out of clemence or epsom would you choose?

    or would you try and find another leather altogether?

    Just got the call (SA knows I'm looking for a toile/white Birkin) - they have a white clemence available, and another nearby store has white epsom. Both have pall h/w, both are 35cm.
  2. Clemence :love:
  3. Clemence.

    However, my concern with white has always been wear. It's a color that tends to be less forgiving even with minimal usage. But a white birkin is so beautiful though....
  4. Oh Clemence..... TDF :drool: :drool: :drool:
  5. GF, if you have to choose a white Birkin, Clemence would wear better (epsom is not the easiest on the corner wear and Hermes are limited as to what they can do in refurbishing terms).

    White is one of the worst colours for colour migration and looks dirty and tatty very very quickly - I have not yet seen a white leather swatch in Hermes that I didn't mistake initially for another colour, due to the colour migration and dirty hands ... 24's swatch is an entirely different colour and they told me that there is no guarantee that it won't yellow over time.

    Good luck if you decide to go ahead GF, this is a high maintenance colour
  6. That's scary! GF, do you REALLY want a white Birkin? For spending that kind of money, I would rather get other pretty color Birkin that's less to be worried about.....
  7. oh, Flossy - I'm so glad you posted! And everyone else, of course!!

    I'm seriously toying with either a white Birkin (clemence now that I've read all the replies!) OR one of my wishlist Birkins, a toile/white combo.

    Do you think the combo would wear better? I kinda need to make up my mind fairly soon.......gulp!
  8. Clemence!
  9. GF - because you'll love and cherish this bag (clemence I mean) I would be less concerned about the wear. The "yellowing" thing worries me though.

    Maybe one of the gurus of vintage can say why/how this happens to white so you can avoid it??
  10. Oh K! A white clemence Birkin would be so gorge but you know, I'd be worried about the maintenance too. As Flossy mentioned, it might yellow over time and that would be just heart-breaking. But out of either the option of white all leather and white leather/toile, I prefer the latter. You know how I currently have a thing for toile, lol.

    The other store nearby.. that wouldn't be my store is it?:blink::P
  11. LOL Sue, It's Surfers...epsom 35.....

    I KNOW what is with us Down Under girls and toile at the moment???????

  12. good idea HB! Does anyone here have experience with a white bag over time??? I think Lilach used to have one? Bloody Lilach - where IS she?
  13. White clemence is like marshmallow and gorgeous. With epsom, I think it is easier to clean that white clemence. I'd go for an all-white bag than the toile combination.

    My firend has a clemence white 35cm Birkin and it gets dirty easily. Do not ever wear jeans because just the slightest touch of it leaves a mark. She also uses a pochette on the handles so they don't get dirty.
  14. hehe, thanks K. Relieved to know it wasn't my store otherwise the bullsh*t story really was bullsh*t, lol!!

    Yeah, there's just something about toile/leather combo! Such a fresh change from the all leather look.

    archangel, hey that's a great link! Can't believe how pristine that white looks! Now, I wonder what the exact leather is on that one? Veau refers to calf, right?