IF you were stuck on an island with only ONE b-bag, what would it be??!

  1. out of all your collections, what bag would you choose to pick with you? all the other bags would be tossed in the ocean!!!!!! except one!!
  2. I would take my trusty 05 black First!
  3. Black City
  4. My black day. If I had to give that up, I would toss myself in the ocean with the rest of my bags!
  5. Guessing a Bbag wouldn't be the first thing on my mind. But if I had to choose, my flat-brass hobo.
  6. Something METALLIC, so the rescue crew can see me. :yes:
  7. lol, that made me laugh!
  8. wow...that's a tricky qns....i will bring along my turquoise WE as i paid so much for it.....even though i do pay a substantial $$ for the rest...but in terms of money, i will choose my WE...hahahahah;) ;)
  9. :cry: Couldn't I do a bag, inside a bag, inside a bag - thing???

    Only 1....??? *sigh* Well, if you're going to make me choose one - I guess my Marine City....
  10. I would take my red giant city, with hopes of it standing out to rescuers....
  11. My '04 Black City. The salt stains would wipe off easily and I could use it to carry coconuts!
  12. My black City!!!!!
  13. My black day, without a doubt!
  14. it would have to be my 05 turq work! it would go nicely with the blue ocean.
  15. my 06 black city.......