If you were reincarnated into a dog...

  1. If you were reincarnated into a dog, what type of dog would you come back as?

    me: Cocker Spaniel!
  2. yellow lab
  3. as a shih tzu :smile: (i'm very biased as i'm the proud mom of 3)
  4. I'd come back as my beagle (the older of the two). Easiest life EVER! :lol:
  5. I would just hope not to come back as one of Michael Vick's dogs... a dog that is loved and taken care of and is really part of the family.
    It'd be good to be one of my own dogs...a chihuahua.
  6. i'd want to come back as a sharpei -- so i can be pudgy and wrinkley, and still be cute.
  7. I would want to come back as one of Oprah's dogs. LOL But according to that quiz, I was tied for Saint Bernard or Cocker Spaniel.
  8. According to the quiz a German Shepard. My vet says he would like to be a dog at my house. Spoiled!
  9. According to the quiz, Lhasa Apso, but any tiny dog that's overly spoiled works for me! ;)
  10. I would come back as one of my, Bejewel's, Neeya's or Kristie's Chihuahuas!! SOOOO spoiled! LOL
  11. A pug! Oh so spoiled! Life is just about sleeping, eating and playing.
  12. australian shepherd, smart & pretty!
  13. One of Oprah's dogs! Now that seems like a good life and I'd pick that regardless of what my other choices would be.