If you were (or are) a guy, would you like this?

  1. Thinking of this as a Christmas gift for a manly man (LOL) who will be travelling a lot.
    Side latches may be unlatched to increase case's capacity
    Three compartment interior: zipped pocket flanked by two open compartments
    Washable soft mocha polyurethane lining
  2. I think it's a great gift, very macho ;)
  3. I'd LOVEEE it!
  4. i'd love it it's a great give and doesn't scream lv =)
  5. I actually want that one...but I have the trousse toilette 26. So there's no point of having 2 toiletry cases...
  6. I like this one, def. classic man toiletry shape....but the trouse toilettes would be easier to pack.

  7. agree with everyone, great gift!
  8. I LOVE it! I want one but for what lol? i dont travel a lot. I need to just buy it and shut up
  9. Then you would have a little bag, instead of so many big ones ;)
  10. that's a great gift.
    mind getting an extra?

  11. Definately true, because no matter what I put into it, it's still really flat and it fits into my carry-ons very well!!! :yahoo:
  12. I really like it...would make a great gift.
  13. niiiicee
  14. If I had an LV toiletry case of some sort, I would put it inside my carry on just incase my luggage was lost! that way I dont end up without a tooth brush and all my crap
  15. Well, I used to do that but now you can't pack crap! Make sure you don't pack toothpaste in there with your TOOTHBRUSH as it's now not allowed! UGH :cursing:
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