If you were only allowed to one bag. . .

  1. Just curious what other people think. If you were only allowed one Tokidoki bag for a month, what would you pick to use, what print, and why?
  2. Currently, I use citta rose BV as a workbag
  3. Zucca Amore because its soo cute and the bag is so big, I can fill it up or leave it empty and it still looks good!
  4. I think I would choose my amore bambino because the little happy couples all over them are so pleasant.
  5. hmm...for now, i'd choose my Pirata Mamma Mia just because its so perfect for me. if i had my Amore Zucca to test drive right now though, i wouldnt be so sure :]
  6. if i could only use one of my bags for a whole month, i would hafta choose the most well-rounded bag i have & that is my original mamma mia. because it can hold a lot or a little, is the most neutral of colors to be able to go with almost anything you wear.
  7. Zucca amore b/c it's my favorite print and i love the bag style.
  8. I'd probably choose the one I carry to work the most - my Foresta BV - because even though I take extremely good care of my bags, I always get paranoid when I take my Paradiso gioco to work. You never know, a kid with paint on his hands could run up to me from behind to hug me when I get to work and get paint on it...! Eek!!
  9. Probably my Inferno Nuvola. I think it's the most versatile of all my bags.
  10. Same here I would choose the one I use mostly everyday it is my paradiso bella.
  11. My everyday bag the inferno gioco! I tried the pirata stellina but that only lasted for 2 weeks. The back of the bag started to smudge a bit or the dye from my jacket was rubbing off onto it. Didn't want to destroy anymore so I went back to my inferno gioco.
  12. If don't want to think about that because then I feel like I blew a lot of money on several bags in the past month!!!:rolleyes: If I could have done without the rest, I would have!!! :lol: I gotta use them all! haha! So far I've carried all of mine except my playground bella bella, it was in hiding but I finally showed it to my hubby the other night. So, it can come out now too.
  13. Ha! Ha! Hiding your Tokis are we? You sound like me! That is cute! Your hubby okay'd it!
  14. Yeah, but I think he's starting to worry that I'll "not mention" other things to him. I've never hidden any purchases from him in 24 years! Darn that tokidoki addiction! I added a new addiction this weekend though...I ordered a Blythe doll...I've always wanted one of those and I've got one coming from Hong Kong and I absolutely CAN'T WAIT!!! Now I have a toki foresta ciao ciao coming in the mail this week....a doll next week...I'm going to have to work from home to pay for these things I shouldn't be spending $$ on!
  15. Are you familiar with Mark Ryden's artwork by any chance? The Blythe doll reminds of the girls in his artwork. I have a cigar box purse with some of his artwork on it. Try googling it sometime.