If you were on the Balenciaga design team....

  1. what item would you create?

    1. I really want a pair of shoes to match these motorcycle bags, like a pair of edgy flats in the same beautiful leathers and colors

    2. I would make a new style called the Second: same exact shape as the First, but bigger yet slightly smaller than a City with a long strap for messenger-style wear....oh and a cell phone pocket inside

    3. I would love to see even MORE accessories!

    How about you?
  2. I would love a longer strap too! Or at least sell BOTH short and long straps since they can be interchangeable.

    Alos, I would love if they made edgy bag charms and keychains.
  3. I really love the shoe idea..., boots would be great too!
  4. Yes, would def. love the option of longer straps for the First, City, Twiggy so they could be worn messenger-style.
  5. i would make a longer strap.
    i would make all the leather as smooshy as the '02 or '04
    i would give MORE extra tassels
  6. More tassles, and definitely BOOTS!!!
  7. Driving gloves.
  8. Longer strap option and since we have the parttime between city and work a bag between first and city would be great. Also a true clutch.
  9. I like the cell phone pocket idea!
  10. A bigger first style and more inside pockets
  11. o0o I like the driving gloves idea!!! I'd LOVE a pair in grenat or *squeels* black with an inset of the black and white brocade fabric!

    I'd like an elongated leather clutch that flaps over with the motorcycle detail on front with tassels that come out one side from the zipper and the other side with a wrist strap
  12. Longer shoulder strap and bigger outside & inside pockets on the City!!!
    Shoulder straps for both the Work and Weekender bags!!
  13. Checkbook cover for me please! and yes a cell phone pocket in all the bags. I use the one in front and I still have to dig when the pocket is so deep....really need a good checkbook cover!
  14. Flat boots