If you were me...which MJ zip clutch would you buy? Bordeaux or Black?

  1. Me:

    College student who also need to dress appropriately at a very dressy corporate type office.

    I love the black zip clutch and the Bordeaux zip clutch but can only get one.

    I think the black will match with any professional outfit (of course! Black is the default color, right!?) But I also think the Bordeaux will match equally as well but also provide a nice, classy punch of color.

    Do you think the Bordeaux would go well with black, navy, brown, and gray work clothes?

    What do you think? More succinctly, which clutch would you buy if you were me?
    mjhan2001010253_prod_medium.jpg mjhan2001012867_prod_medium.jpg MJHAN_Look4_XSell.jpg
  2. it sounds like you are leaning towards the Bordeaux and i would say that would work fine in an office setting!
  3. Hmm cool! Thats definitely good to know. I wasn't sure if the Bordeaux would work well for work.

    Which color do you like better for yourself, airmarket?
  4. i prefer the bordeaux :smile:
  5. I like the black color one cuz I was looking at it the other day at Nordies. It looks very classy IMO. Good luck!
  6. Bordeaux!! Save the black for the handbag, and let the wallet give it that pop of color.
  7. BORDEAUX!!!!!! LOVE that color!!! (ok-easy choice for me..I have black MJ zc's --shw & ghw...hehehe!!) Get it get it get it!!!! I just think that color is so classy....and more noticeable when taking it out of your handbag than black..we all have black...the bordeaux stands out!!!
  8. bordeaux:heart::tup:
  9. Another vote for the bordeaux! Personally, I think the ZC looks better in color. :yes:
  10. I agree with thithi 100%. Maybe black for the handbag which will go with everything and a color for the ZC.
  11. its all about the bordeaux :smile:
  12. bordeaux! i love that shade!
  13. Definately the bordeaux! I recently purchased one and I love it! I agree everyone else in saying the color really pops in your handbag, making it easy to find, and it's such a beautiful color, in my opinion, even if I am a bit biased.:smile:
  14. I think Bordeaux too! It's more classy and looks polished.
  15. i like the black more