If you were me, which LV?


Which next LV purchase???

  1. Speedy 25 - mono

  2. Denim mini-pleaty pink

  3. Denim mini-pleaty green

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  1. So I'd like to think after my dental surgery, I'm going to splurge on a gift for myself for being such a good girl. So I'm wondering which summer bag to purchase? Either the Speedy 25 or Mono denim mini-pleaty in pink or green? I love how the mini-pleaty is sooo cute and summery. Then, I wonder if I would get tired of that and want something more classic? Help me out folks!!!:P :biggrin:

  2. Is this your first one? If so I say speedy.
  3. I love the mini pleaty in green, so I would choose that. Its adorable!
  4. Is this your first one? Then I'd definitely go with the speedy. It's the classic and I love em! V
  5. Since you don't have the speedy, I would go with that firstly ! It is definitely a wardrobe staple !
  6. I think the best is the speedy.
  7. the speedy if you want something classic, practical and versatile.
    but the mini pleaty is really cute and bright and it would def add colour to your wardrobe

    is it going to be an everyday bag? or just something more 'for fun'?
  8. Get the Speedy! It's so stylish and an eternal classic! The mini pleaty is just 'ok'.
  9. My vote is for the speedy, it's a classic!
  10. my vote goes to the speedy. i just returned the mini pleaty in the fuschia color. as cute as it is, i just can't ignore the fact that it is $$$ for denim and its uncoated fabric! i know i would get it dirty despite LV saying that it is easy to clean, because with my experience I know it isn't (for me at least)
  11. I voted for the Speedy too.
  12. ahhh Thanks for the info I was thinking of getting that! But I am also not a careful person.:Push:
    Also My vote for the speedy 25 I just had to b/c it's cute!
  13. i think the mini pleaty in pink is soooo fun, but you're right you'll probably get tired of it
  14. I voted for the Speedy 25 -- I'm waiting for my very own to arrive
  15. i'm putting my vote in for the speedy 25