If you were me, which bag would you part with?

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  1. Hello!

    I would like some advice please. I have a collection of birkins and am thinking I'd like to part with one to put towards my holy grail - which is a 30cm fuschia ostrich birkin. I'd be curious to see which you would part with if you were me. Any advice would be welcomed!

    Oh a bit about me - my lifestyle is this: 2 small children, work out of the home in an office, casual dresser. I know the white probably seems the most obvious to part with but something about the white I love. I have bought whites in the past, sold them and then realized I truly love white so I've bought white again.


    35 rouge vif chevre - ghw
    35 parchemin togo - ghw
    35 marron fonce box - bphw
    35 blue jean togo - phw

    30 white clemence - phw
    30 black box - phw

  2. you have 2 white type bags....parchemin and the white clemance. maybe one of those.

    otherwise I vote for blue jean. because its just not my personal fav.

    however your collection is very broad and well rounded so its hard.

    I love both white bags but since you have 2 white type bags....that just seems the easiest.
  3. For me it would be either the parchemin or the white! I love the colors of Hermes!
  4. In what area do you live?

    What are your favorites that you can't part with?

    (maybe that will help us)
  5. I vote for 35 BJ togo -- it's a current color/leather that you can obtain again, if you ever regret letting go of it. I wouldn't let go of box or, especially, chevre, and also your wite bags (given your inclination for white)

  6. ditto
  7. I second what guccigal said, makes sense to part with the parchemin if you don't want to get rid of the white although if it were me I'd part with the white and keep parchemin as it's such a beautiful colour
  8. I'm chiming what the others say - the BJ Togo. It's probably the easiest colour to get if you change your mind. I've seen 3 in ebay just today and I'm not even looking extensively.
  9. For me it's easy: I would part with Blue Jean, since it's the only colour I don't like among those you list! But I know that it's a very popular colour, so you may not agree with me......;)
  10. I'd say 35 parchemin togo - ghw. This is a light color and you already have the white. If not this, then the 35 blue jean. I think these two bags could serve the same function (spring/summer, 35, same leather)
  11. BJ first then the white. Bj easy to get again. Keep every box you have. hard to get these days.
  12. I third the vote to part with the parchemin, given your :heart: for the white, and especially that the white is a 30 with PHW, which to me gives it a very sleek look.

    Your collection sounds stunning, my fave being the black box 30 PHW. :drool:
  13. I'd part with either the parchemin (redundant) or the BJ (just not my style)
  14. Oh I am struggling so much.

    Maybe keeping the white is just plain dumb. I mean two young kids and all...white isn't the most durable I suspect (I haven't even once used it yet).

    I see what you mean about selling the bj...it would be easier to acquire someday.

    As for the box bags....do you really love them? I mean am I hoarding them because I know they're harder to come by? Is having two box bags overkill? :shrugs:

    Oh - I live in Minnesota.
  15. Does nobody like bj anymore? Didn't that color used to be hard to get? Are people shying away from it now?