If you were me, what would you get... cloudy or expandable?

  1. Debating between the cloudy E/W tote in beige (olive-like color) or expandable tote in brown (zippers on the sides, not the bottom)... going in tomorrow to see. what i really wanted was this bag:


    the cloudy NS tote? but the chanel boutique said that they didn't have any :sad: anyone know where I can get this bag? It's a bit taller than the E/W...
  2. try NM or Saks!

    i LOVE the n/s version! so hot.
  3. arghh what a TOUGH question! they are such different bags but equally fabulous. i love them both but only have the e/w cb tote so i'm a little biased. you'd have to try them both on to see which looks/feels better on ya. wish you could get both as you could get a lot of miles out of both bags!
  4. haha larkie, whenever i go into a boutique - i wish i could buy them ALL! i totally need to be on a purse ban but oh well...

    btw i looove your thread on what you wear w/ your bags - i love how you mix high and low and always look put together. it's funny i read that you worked at an almost all male software company... i used to work at a VSAT company that was almost all male engineers so i know how that is! they would complain that i had a new bag every day (which i DIDN'T :smile: my excuse for going bag crazy is that i'm an art director so i told my DH that i consider chanel bags to be works of art... which of course they are...
  5. you are right, they are works of art! i sketch handbags and jewelry as a hobby so i tell my family every new bag i buy is research. well, that excuse isn't going over very well either!
  6. Get the cloudy tote...:yes:
  7. xoStephxo found me the last cloudy bundle n/s in black from NM, maybe u can call around to see if they have any other colors. Damien from Saks tried to get a white one for me, and they showed that they had it in the system, but i guess no one every picked it up cos i didn't hear anything about that...

    Good luck! I LOOOOOVE the CB. beats the expandable tote hands down!
  8. you guys are the best! thanks so much! i'm going to call my Saks and NMs and see what i can dig up... if i'm lucky enough to get it i'll post pics! :biggrin: i'd take either white or beige i like them both... i just have too many black bags.
  9. i love the cloudy n/s tote--i was lucky enough to snag one of the last ones left at Saks from Joseph in NY before he took off for Bergdorfs...

    the e/w tote is very cute too but i have only seen it in the khaki-olive color which i didnt love as much but i may change my mind if i ever see it in the yummy grey color that larkie has ;)
  10. i love the white! i had it but i gave it to my mom cos she was eyeing it... they are in the system at Saks! a good SA should be able to track one down for u!
  11. I adore my n/s Cloudy Bundle tote!
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^ I also love mine. I would go for the N/S Cloudy bundle if you can track one down.
  13. The cloudy bundle is great.
  14. Does anyone know how much the N/S Cloudy Tote costs?

  15. definitely the cloudy! so softtt sigh :love: the expandable is really awkward looking to me..