If you were kidnapped, how long do you think your DH/BF would look for you?

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    So here is a random topic: I was watching the Event last night on TV and after remarking at how committed the main character is to finding his GF who has been kidnapped, it dawned upon me that there is no way that my DH would ever go to those lengths to find me if I was ever kidnapped. After thinking about the issue further, I decided that it just wasn't in his nature to keep looking for me for a long period of time. For instance, I know he would go to the police immediately, but if years passed and all of the leads ran cold, I think he would give up. I also don't think he would think outside of the box and by that I mean I think he would rely 100% on the police to do their job instead of hiring a private investigator, doing his own research, conducting his own witness interviews, etc. In contrast, I think that if he was ever kidnapped I would never give up and I would be psycho about pursuing every avenue I could because that is just in my nature. So after thinking about it I of course talked to my DH and told him my concern that he would give up looking for me and he said, "I wouldn't have to look for you because I know you would find a way to escape." Ha! How long do you think your DH/BF would look for you if you were kidnapped? Do you think he would do everything in his power to find you or give up after awhile? (This topic is meant to be silly, not serious :P)
  2. He'd start looking immediately and forever I assume.
    I'm the Mommy of his 3 precious cargo and I run his home/finances. . . his life. I'm his support system.

    I wouldn't ever let it go either TBH.
  3. Start looking immediately? Absolutely. Give up after a while? Absolutely. I think he'd still check online every now and then for the rest of his life to see if the mystery was ever solved,of course, but not actively look for me via the media, the police, and such.

    We never said anything about planning to get married to each or spending the rest of the life together. He knows how awkward and unsure I am about that, and it has pained him. Although, I truly want him and want to cherish whatever time left we have with each other.
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    Mine would start looking immediately and not stop, our lives are too intertwined (personally & professionally) to just let go easily.
  5. I should hope to think he would light a candle every night and pray for my safe return for the rest of his days.
  6. Mine would start looking pretty quickly because we have 3 children and he'd start hearing, "I'm hungry./When's dinner?/What's for dinner?/I'm bored./Where's Mom?" etc and would rather not deal with it himself. HA!
  7. Mine would tell my family and they would most likely ring the alarm (in all sense speaking). I do believe he is the type that would look for many years, he doesn't like unanswered questions. Especially if I just mysteriously disappeared.

    I would do the same (only add 50 degrees of worry and panic)
  8. interesting question I hadn't thought about yet. I am pretty sure he would use his channels though to try and find out what might have happened. whether he would stop at some point I can't really say.
  9. He would look forever, especially if he thought something bad had happened to me.

    I would do the same.
  10. LOL I knew what insipired this from the title. I love the Event. I love me some Jason Ritter. I wanna say he'd give up after a reasonable amount of time passed. Like say a year or two passed. Not because he'd be all forget her, but he'd probably think I died. On the other hand, he'd call the cops ASAP and look really hard. However, sometimes when I'm distant he freaks out. So, I wanna say he'd stop after certain point, but he surprises me. If it were me, I'd never stop looking. He's my soul mate. :smile:
  11. My boyfriend wouldn't worry until he realizes that there's no dinner on the table. Kidding! Before we go to bed, we like to chat about our day, plans for the next one, etc. If I didn't come home from work right away, he's wouldn't be too concern because he knows that I might be shopping, having coffee with friends or co-workers, visiting my parents (they live in the same city), etc. He would totally freak out if I wasn't home by the end of dinner. But knowing how logical he is, he'll probably call my cell, friends, family, his cop friends etc. before filing a missing persons report.
  12. I don't think he would ever stop looking for me. In part because it is in his nature to keep looking until he finds answers. In part because he is still, even after all these years, hopelessly infatuated with me.
  13. Have you ever seen the move Taken? Well, that would be him. Minus all the running and jumping. LOL! But I know he would do the best he could physically speaking. And I know without a doubt that he would find them. And he would kill them.
  14. I don't know why, but the thought of this makes me laugh! I think he'd look for me for a long time, but I can't imagine him being frantic about it. he would be calm, logical, & heartbroken...he is very tender. he also knows that I would be doing everything I could to escape...planning my kick @$$ moment a la charlie's angels! LOL!!!
  15. My DH would have to spend his lifetime looking for me LOL.

    Our children and family wouldn't let my DH get any rest until he finds me.