If you were going to invest in one good wallet, which would it be?

  1. I always wind up getting the mini skinnies for each bag that I have because I like the whole matchy-matchy thing, but changing out my wallet each time is getting old. So I'm going to get one really nice wallet - I'd like it to be fairly neutral in color since I plan on using it with all my bags (black, brown, tan, plum, signature, and even the juniper one I'm going to order this week!!) Anyway, I dont really carry a checkbook but Im open to a checkbook wallet if they are nicer. It should have like 6 or so card slots, I like a dollar-bill section, and a change section. Which would you recommend? Thanks much!!
  2. I really love this wallet. Its the Ergo French Purse. It holds a ton of cards, has two money slots and a place for change. I purchased this wallet in turquoise this past summer. I wish I had bought a more neutral color now because I use it with every purse! It has just the right amount of signature to match sig bags or leather. Love it! Here is the brown but the black with khaki sig also looks great. :tup:
  3. I don't know how good it'll look with plum and juniper, but I am in love with my chili legacy french purse. It has replaced my legacy stripe french purse as my "I don't feel like switching wallets" wallet. I use it in my chocolate carly, my black patent ergo, and my damier speedy. I just love the red and that it stands out in my bags so when I open them up I can find it easily.
  4. I have the medium Chelsea zip around wallet. It carries quite a bit of stuff...more than any of the other wallets I've owned.
  5. I really don't like how Coach zip wallets don't have a flat bill compartment. :sad: (like the slots for the creditcards.. but a slot for bills) T_T
  6. I personally bought the legacy striped wallet -- its pretty long and allows you to organize your items. Its gorgeous. Its a steep price - around $250. I like it a lot; however, I have only had it for a short amount of time and it seems to beginning to look a little dingy... need to find out if its possible to clean.
  7. A good upgrade from using a Mini Skinny (IMO!) is a Multi-Function Wallet. It has compartments for everything (although, not individual card slots).

    However, I think whatever you decide to get, you should get it in leather! YUM!
  8. Thanks everyone! All those wallets are gorgeous - so hard to decide! I think I'm leaning toward a neutral Legacy leather one. I really like the striped Legacy one, but I thought it might be difficult to keep clean, even though my purses are immaculate inside!! Just putting it on the counter when paying for stuff, etc, looks like enough to get it dirty. I'm going to the store today to order my Juniper legacy and that new floral scarf - hopefully I'll be able to decide then! Thanks again for all of your opinions - it does help to narrow things down a bit!
  9. I love the embossed signature leather wallets!! They're my absolute favorite!!
  10. Hmmm.....I could use a good Coach wallet. I absolutely LOVE this one...
    And this one....
    I love the pink accents.
  11. I really love the new clutch wallets, they come in great colors and are super functional!