If you were going to buy a mini rockie and a rockie which one would be black?

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  1. I don't own any black bags and want to buy a rockie to given my speedy b 30 a little break from day to day life. I think the rockie is similar in size to the speedy 25 and it would be nice to own something a tad smaller.

    There is a rockie in oyster that pops up often on reebonz and ATM it's around $530 AUD. Rockies in Australia where I live are extremely expensive so this a good price for it. (At least I think)

    My dilemma is that I don't own any black bags yet and can't decide if I should wait for a black rockie to pop up and then later on get a mini rockie in a nice pop of colour?

    Please give me your opinions on what you would do. I wouldn't mind having one of each but if that's the case then I would think having the bigger one in black would be better and then having the smaller one in a colour would be more practical. I just feel bad if I buy another bag and it isn't black because I've said I want a black bag so many times and then go ahead and buy neutral shades.
  2. Rockie = black
    Mini Rockie = Pop color
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  3. I agree!
  4. Another vote for this. Just because there is a good deal on a Rockie in Oyster doesn't mean it's worth taking the plunge for you. Wait until you find one in black you want.

    That said, have you compared the Rockie and mini Rockie side by side and truly feel you have room in your wardrobe for both? I've had both and find them too similar to have both in my collection together. They are the exact same style and proportion, with the mini probably only about 20% smaller. I actually found my Rockie a bit too bit for my everyday bag (I don't carry much though) so now have neutral mini (latte with RGH) as my everyday bag. Food for thought!
  5. There are some great rockies and rockie minis currently on The Outnet at 50% off They currently have:

    •Rockie black lamb w burnished gold
    •Rockie black calf w soft gold

    •Rockie mini red lamb w silver
    •Rockie mini red calf w silver
    •Rockie mini black lamb burnished gold
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  6. The mini Rockie would def be better in a pop of Colour since it's tiny.
    I vote rockie in black for sure!
  7. The mini Rockie in a pop of color and the Rockie in black. However, I think the Rockie is too heavy.
  8. Rockie in Black for sure, mini Rockie in pop of color
  9. Have you already bought your rockie from Reebonz?
    I actually bought my Rockie in Latte via Reebonz (Singapore) too!

    And actually, my opinion is to get the Rockie in a Neutral colour and the Mini Rockie in black, since black is the colour of most branded mini bags that are popular :smile:
  10. i got my mini rockie in black with antique brass hardware and i used it so much!
    the rockie is a tad heavy for me so my vote is going to the mini rockie in black :smile:
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  11. I have all three size. My Rocco in Black w/ p gold hardware, rockie in blue pale gold hardware, then mini rockie in latte w/ rose gold hardware.