If you were going to bump it up a notch....

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  1. Hi! I've strictly been a ~$300 and below girl since I started buying bags...Coach, HH, Tano, Kate Spade, etc. I've been thinking about saving up for a higher end bag but no idea where to start. I like simple, classic bags and am not a big fan of logos. What would you choose for your first premium bag?

    (I have no idea if I'd actually be able to save up or if I would take the plunge...) :smile:
  2. How high are you willing to go price-wise?

    Simple and classic = Ferragamo (I think they are underrated), or some BV bags.
  3. Let's say...under $1,000.
  4. You can find some nice gucci's and LV's for that price range.
  5. Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, YSL, Chloe
  6. Marc Jacobs Collection bags
    Michael Kors Collection bags
  7. mulberry
  8. Louis Vuitton speedy you will have that bag for years!!!!
  9. Marc Jacobs or LV would be good choices.

  10. I didn't realize Mulberry had any bags under $1000.
  11. Louis Vuitton is my favorite
  12. Prada. Hands down. There are quite a few tailored, timeless styles right at or under the 1K mark.

    This style is fantastic and sells for around $850. It comes in a bunch of different colors, including neutrals if that's what you prefer.

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    Here ya go. Neiman Marcus has the tan color in stock and that goes with everything, but I'm digging the orange! :drool:


    Styledrops has it in several colors.
  14. in that range, i'd suggest you go for Prada or LV.