If you were going away for 5-7 weeks how many bags would you take

  1. I travel for business a lot and have just been on a business trip for 11 weeks. I took three bags with me a blk epi speedy (my everday bag), a black longchamp tote (I was in seattle I used if for really rainy days), and an evening bag. I barely used the longchamp and never used the evening bag I carried my epi almost everyday and finally did want some variety. I missed having a work tote so I bought an LV Saleya and a Coach Ergo Magazine Tote. I used all three bags a lot.

    I am now going home and swapping out clothes etc... than going away for 5 - 7 weeks again (NYC, Boston, and Chicago). I was going to take the three bags above but honestly decided if I showed up at my moms (I will be at her house for a week) with two LV Bags I would get a lecture. I happened upon a Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Leather Satchel that I love that I could use everday and a Francesco Biasia Tote that was wonderful as well. I bought them both and now am totally torn.

    I don't need to change my bags everday maybe every couple...and I can't bear the thought of no LV for 5-7 weeks although all my accessories are LV.

    Help! How many bags would you bring?
    Oh and I promised myself no new purchases until Feb 2008 (my birthday!)
  2. Hi handbag girl!

    3 is the optimal number.

    Then I would say it's a question of colour. What colour is your MJ Satchel & Francesca Biasia tote?
  3. The MJ satchel is black
    The Biasia is Black
    Saleya is Damier Pattern
    Coach is Black.

    I was thinking maybe The MJ satchel, Biasia or Coach, and Saleya. I may have a job interview ot two (I freelance) so the coach might be a better choice although I bet no one might recognize the Biasia as a designer bag.
  4. i would bring 1 big fancy bag, 1 medium fancy bag, 1 smaller fancy bag u can bring for dinner or nights out.
  5. I'd probably opt for three bags too. It sounds to me like the ones you took on your first trip were perfect, even if you didn't use them all too much.

    I'd definitely take a black everyday bag, a tote, and an evening bag. And I'd consider the weather too. Epi and LV (esp. the Damier, IMO) is perfect for iffy weather, and I think patent usually holds up well in inclement weather too.
  6. 3 bags sounds right:

    1 large professional looking bag
    1 medium everyday bag
    1 trendy bag
  7. Hi,

    I travel for work sometimes too, and take a large work bag for on the plane (I usually take my Furla or Chloe Bay bag so I have my work items and magazines), and use this bag for meetings. I keep a small Prada messenger bag in my suitcase in case I want to check out local sites, go on long walks, etc. I seldom take an evening bag as if I go to a show or club it's usually directly after meetings, and at those times I'm carrying my office/work bag.
  8. I usually take two or three bags with me when going away for that amount of time. And the ones I pick are usually pretty all-round so they will go with anything and I can wear them no matter where I'm going.
  9. It really depends on how much space you have. I think 3 will work. One black, one brown, and a clutch. If you have more space then I would pull out some the purses that don't get much use.
  10. Probably 2 everyday type handbags and 1 smaller one for nights out.
  11. I would say 3-4 total:
    1 - Tote
    2 - everyday bags
    1 - evening bag
  12. You can't beat the Longchamps le Pliage folding bags - use a tote (whichever size is right for your needs) and the small handbag (I have it in black and use it for going out in the evening - I am not as picky when travelling about the exact brand, style or look. I'd rather have more room to pack), They'll take up about 3 inches width in your luggage! Then bring one fabulous bag that you love...
  13. Take 3 bags. Bring the LV since you love it so dearly and you'll regret not bringing it with you and take the MJ and Biasia bag since they need to get out and enjoy the world! :wlae:
    And take a small clutch with you since you'll need something if you go out.
  14. 3-4
  15. I think three sounds right too. Instead of an evening bag, why don't you take a clutch? That doesn't count as a bag!! :graucho: LOL.