If you were given $5000, no strings attached...

  1. ...and you had to buy 5 bags with it, coming as close to $5k as possible, what would you buy?

    I am new to this forum (and to handbag obsession, in general), but I am turning *ahem* 30 in a few months. My grandma will give me my "inheritance" then...it is not a huge amount of money, but she decided that since she is not in great health, she will give each of her grandkids $5k on their birthday this year, with the instruction that they can't spend it on bills and have to buy/do something just for themselves.

    So, really, I could buy just one or two bags, but I know myself and I still would like to spread the wealth a little, and since you all know so much about bags, I thought I could get some ideas from you.

    On my own, this is what I think I'd buy:
    Jimmy Choo Patent Double Ring Bucket Bag $1650
    Jean Paul Gaultier Trench Bag $1295
    B Fendi Patent Leather Medium Shoulder Bag $1360
    Kooba Scarlett Brown Embossed Bag $350 (on sale online)
    Botkier Holster Bag Cognac $317 (also on sale online)
    That would put me at $4972 (without tax)

    I'm going to try and put pictures below. We'll see how that works!
    jimmy choo.jpg JPGtrench.jpg fendi.jpg kooba.jpg botkier.jpg
  2. i would have to definetly include a chanel, that and a mulberry.
  3. Im not a big fan of the B bag, but i like the rest.

    I love the ramona in patent leather. Jimmy choo also made a smaller size of the same bag in the riki, and it comes in a red patent at Nordstrom ( I dont know if it is anywhere else. i tried finding it online with no luck). Its really stunning, a friend of mine bought it and ive been pestering her to use it since, but "its too hot to use it she says" .

    best of luck with your choice
  4. [​IMG]
    Prada Cervo Antic Satchel- $2,450
    Chloe Paddington in off white-approx-$1,295
    That leaves $1,255, so I would probably go for something from Chanel, but I would probably have to add in some of my own money.
  5. The Ramona (Jimmy Choo) you posted is a nice choice. I would also check out Chanel or Prada.
  6. YSL Muse, Chanel Ligne Cambon, LV Baggy GM, LV Locket Horizontal-
  7. Bags on my wishlist right now are:
    1. Manhattan GM
    2. Honey Fendi Spy
    3. B. Fendi Large Satchel
  8. Pics of wishlist :drool:

    GM.jpg Next.jpg BB.jpg
  9. I think chanel is very classy. And if you wanted to make a memorable purchase, take your grandma shopping with you (if she is too ill why not try some online shopping) so that way she still feels important and that you want her input on a bag. You are a luck girl, and I hope your grandma is around to see you enjoy your bags to the fullest!!!
  10. buffalogal - I really like the Gaultier bag and the Ramona bag seems to be a pretty gutsy choice in the patent leather - it seems very "blingy" but could be totally gorgeous. To be honest, I'm tired of the Kooba Sienna

    I'd get a Bottega Veneta Hobo (either the classic or the ball hobo) $1600-$1800
    A Balenciaga Mini Bowling in blueberry $1060ish
    A Balenciaga City in Black $1250
    A Giorgio Brato bag from Anthropologie - either the wheat penny carryall $698 or the duffel $528)
    an Anna Corrina Lady Duffle bag $425 - but can easily be had for cheaper from a site with a code) or the Anna Corrina Mini City Tote $345

    I'm also totally in love with the Prada Cervo satchel as posted above, but I'd kind of want to feel it in real life before deciding if it was worth $2000.
    NMV8541_mn.jpg NMV7259_mn.jpg DSC01219[1].JPG 64528_frt.jpg 15234-viewsize300-front.jpg 64432_frt.jpg 15514-ViewSize300-Folded.jpg 15514-ViewSize300-Front.jpg
  11. why not go all out and go to hermes, get a birkin or kelly and then you would still have to probly put money lol! (would prefer to have one thing to remeber her by) or get some jewlery (something with diamonds) and it will last forever and can be passed down
  12. This is fun :smile: Only 5 bags and not more, buffalogal? I'd go for the following and have $1,000 left over:

    Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio Pleated bag $990 (oops, not available)

    Miu Miu calf soft satchel $1,050 (oops, also no longer available)

    Jerome Dreyfuss kelly green sheepskin bag $735

    Gerard Darel satchel $468

    Charlott Vasberg black shoulder bag with wrap around zippers (can't attach pic) $665

    Satine Boutique=
    Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio Pleated handbag nm.jpg Miu Miu calf soft satchel neiman marcus.jpg Jerome Dreyfuss kelly green.jpg Gerard Darel leather satchel bg.jpg
  13. I love all your suggestions...and just to clarify, my grandma is *hopefully* going to be around for a little while yet. She just decided to do this so she was still around to see what everyone did with what she gave them and so she could enjoy it a little. My cousin bought a 4-wheeler with his and took grandma for her first ever ride!!

    Naughtymanolo--I thought of Hermes, but I just really can't see myself spending that much on ONE bag (even if it is Hermes!)...in fact, I'll probably cry a bit shelling out for the Jimmy Choo, but what can a gal do, right? :yes: (oh, and I am not a jewelry girl and no kids to pass down to, so I can be a bit selfish!!)

    Circoit..I have never actually seen the Kooba in person. I just thought it looked like a nice, practical bag. I live in the absolute middle of nowhere, at least 3 hours from a real "big city" and our most exotic store is a tiny TJ Maxx, so we are a bit behind the times as far as "it bags"....I could probably carry a brown paper grocery bag with some decopage (sp?) flowers and be the most fashionable gal in town!!:P

    I haven't seen any Chanel bags or Prada that I love...

    I am in love with the Jimmy Choo and the trench bag, so I think those are must haves as long as I can find them in a couple months. As for everything else, I'll have to check out all these suggestions. I'd really like one bright bag...red or green maybe.
  14. I'd get all the LV bags I want right now but don't have the $ to get and a Chanel.
  15. oki, so with 5 grand, I will try to get me a Kelly bag.. hehe... or some Hermes bag that I am dying to get.. it is not enough to get a Birkin yet so I may have to save up for that.. hehe