If you were dead broke would you...

  1. I dont know if this kinda thread has ever been posted but....

    If you were DEAD BROKE... would you sell your beloved babies aka your purses? And if so, would you use process of elimination for which brands you prefer???
  2. I'd probably have to, unless I'd be able to get a job first. In order, I'd sell anything that wasn't designer, then my Coach's, Samantha Thavasa's, D&B's (sentimental value), Chanel's, then LV's.
  3. needs must....love that saying...
  4. I'd sell my Coach bags, then Prada, then vintage, then my LV, but keep only 3:
    1. my purse from graduation 10 yr ago,
    2. a bag my dad bought me (LV)
    3. and lastly my bj hac.
  5. If I were really dead broke I'd sell my LV's first because I get the most $ for them.
  6. same
  7. Of course!! Would sell the least liked upwards depending on the need! But i hope i never have to!
  8. If I were broke- I would have to be dead!!:sad:
  9. :yes:
  10. Yes, I would sell my purses if I had to. I start off selling the ones I like least and hopefully will get money before I have to sell too many off.
  11. Yeah I would for sure....it would be hard to part with them...but being homeless with a bunch of LV's by my side would be no kind of existence.
  12. I honestly think that I would get 4 or 5 jobs and work 24 hours a day before I'd sell any of my purses.:shame: I know it sounds stupid and shallow, but I really can't imagine parting with any of them. Of course, if I had no other choice, I'd probably sell my least favorites first - older Fendi, LV, MJ.
  13. i'd sell the ones i know i could buy back at a later point.
  14. Mmm.. I'm not sure if I could bare to do it. Maybe I will start with those that I use less often or I'm less emotionally attached to.
  15. ^^Likewise here.

    When push comes to shove, you gotta do what you gotta do :biggrin:

    then again, that's why we have to save ehehehe