If You Were a Superhero....

  1. What would you be? What superpowers would you have (e.g. flying, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, read minds, projection of energy bolts, being able to morph your body)? Would you have a sidekick (like Batman and Robin)? Would you have any special equipment, like Wonder-womans power cuff and magic lasso? Would you want your friends to know or would you have a secret identity? What would your costume look like?

    I'm still thinking about which superpower I would like, but I know that my super-hero costume must make me look at least 20 lbs slimmer!
  2. Fast Forward power...or doing things super quick! Like cleaning or traveling to California...I hate those long flights with 2 kids!
  3. I'd want to be Jean Grey so I could move stuff with my mind :tup:
  4. fight the common cold **sneezes**
  5. Beam me up, Scotty.

    I'd like to beam myself over to the shopping outlet and back...
  6. Mine is a health one too, I'd like to cure cancer.
  7. My daughter asked the same thing yesterday, :smile:, I would like to stop the time, weird I know but I have my resons. If I had a wish, I would wish for world health and hunger too just like Lvbabydoll.
  8. I would be able to become invisible and fly and read minds and walk through walls and doors and time travel.
    No costume needed because I'm invisible.
    No one would know of my powers, for if anyone found out, they must be destroyed.
    I'd also like to be able to eat whatever I wanted in large quanties and never gain weight.
    What a very self centered Super Hero I'm describing.
    OK. I'd save cats from trees.
  9. ^^^ Would you always be invisible, or could you turn it on-and-off at will? Could you wear clothes while being invisible - would they be invisible too? Or would you have to go naked?
  10. :rolleyes:Hm.
    I would be able to turn my invisiblness on and off at will. My clothes would disappear as well...or I could go naked, but having to stash my clothes somewhere each time I became invisible would be a bit of a chore and the thought of having to hide my underpants....uh, no.
  11. super reading speed and super memory, to learn everything in this world!
  12. My power, would to be change my powers whenever I feel like. Haha.
  13. ^^Ha, ha, that's just like if you're granted 3 wishes you ask for more wishes...:nogood:

    I like the idea of being invisible. There's many times I wish I could be a fly on a wall. Being invisible would be so much better than being an icky fly.
  14. I'd want my super power to be immortality. I'd also want to be a shapeshifter. Kind of like Anyanwu in Octavia Butler's "Wild Seed." She wasn't technically a superhero, but she had some amazing powers, theoretical immortality and the ability to morph.

    Or maybe I'd like to be like any of her Patternist characters, who were Anyanwu's descendents. They could read the minds of other people and reprogram them. They were also very long lived and most were physically strong, although not superheros either. But you get my idea...
  15. i'd want to read everybodies minds to be honest.
    i'm always curious to know what people are really thinking when your talking to them.