If You Were A High End Designer What Would You Design ?

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  1. What would you design ? & Why
  2. shoes, flat ones!
  3. A sexy dress that you can actually dance in.. (No nipple slips, good breast support, tight so it won't fly up when you turn, but not so tight you can't dance!)

    Beautiful shoes that are comfy!
  4. Bags...because of my sheer love for them!
  5. Bags!!! I love em!. My mom tells me ive been walking around with them since I was 4 months!. I also would design jackets!
  6. I'd design the perfect handbag!
  7. :love: bags, love em
  8. Shoes!!! Dressy, girlie, dressy ones! Lots of color and lots of fun!
  9. Furniture! I love the engineering aspects of it and the fact that it'll most likely last longer than clothing, shoes, bags, and dishes.
  10. Dresses.......Thats about the only item of clothing I draw relatively well. :lol: :lol:
  11. Dresses probably.
  12. Shoes, definitely. Love shoes, a nice pair of shoes really sex up a woman. I would design shoes with orthortic soles to give proper support and comfort to women, doesn't matter what height the heels are. (the idea comes from me being perscribed to orthortic soles by my chiropractor which doesn't fit into any of my shoes except the snowboots and Hogan sneakers)
  13. Cute, casual tees and tank tops, and probably jeans.
  14. fancy pants, skirts for short people! :smile: And shoes! YEAH rock on the nice flats!!!!
  15. I'd love to design a really unique haute couture line- with really crazy original things that can be paired with very basic pieces. I'm a big fan of taking something totally out of place and making it a part of an everyday outfit. :smile: