If you were a b-bag, which one would you be?!

  1. So I am sitting at my desk procrastinating writing my exam papers, and the question comes to mind, "If I was a B-bag, which would I be and WHY?" Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but help me in my insanity by providing me with some creative/funny or otherwise answers to entertain!
    Thanks! :yahoo: :wlae: :roflmfao:

    I'll go first: If I was a b-bag, I would be a black first because it's petite and cute, yet still cool and elegant, depending on the mood. (I know, this is a very sad example but I am very tired from studying, so help a girl out!!) :party:
  2. I'll go with a pale rose city because I'm so sweet and innocent...:angel: ...and city because I'm not as tiny as a first!
  3. aaah, great answer! C'mon ladies, I need more distraction! ;)
  4. I'd be a Magenta Work, because I have magenta hair and I'm spunky + like to be noticed, or so I've been told. I'm not quite as loud as a Weekender though! :upsidedown:
  5. I'll say an ink city -- for the most part conservative, but with a little flash! :P
  6. black first
  7. i'd totally wanna be a Turq 05 first - why? because i'm small and hard to find! hehehe!
  8. ^^that's so perfect Helen! :smile: Great answers everyone--thanks!
  9. Ummm... I'd be a Rouge Twiggy because I'm sassy, hot and naughty! :yahoo: hahaha
  10. an 05 grey classique...i'm petite
  11. i would be an eggplant weekender... ha ha ha
  12. :yahoo: funny idea - makes me smile :nuts:!!
    Ok ... I definitely would be the absolutely first from first season 'black first classique le dix' flat brass ... coz it's also mentioned in my member-name AND ... I'm the oldie in here ;):yahoo:
  13. :lol: I like this thread! so cute!

    hmm... *ponders* I think a rouge vif twiggy- bold, loud and fearless. haha... not sure if thats me now that I look at it, but if I think about anis anymore I might implode.
  14. Now my turn...:graucho:
    I think that I could be an Ink first because like the handbag my moods changes with the light ;) .
  15. OMG! Great answers girls!! You have totally just made my Sunday morning! I love how Daniellejp said she's a rouge twiggy and in her photo she is wearing the exact color! So perfect--keep them coming!