if you were 2 choose between MC shirley and Ph.. wat wld u choose?

  1. if you were 2 choose between MC shirley and Mono Ph..
    w/c one wld u choose 2 get 1st? :love: PH then mc shirley or mc shirley 1st den Ph?:P
  2. I'd get the PH..the Shirley is SO tiny and it barely fits anything for the price. Cute bag but definitely not for everyday use.
    Michelle (on this board) has one and has only used hers once.
  3. Ditto, she used it for her wedding only right? I thought that was a cute idea =]
  4. oh, but can a shirley fit a cellphone and a gloss? :yes: thanks! i really want 2 get both, but my bf doesnt agree on my idea hehehe:roflmfao: , just one bag at a time....:wtf:
  5. I think the Shirley actually fits less than the Pochette. I like the Shirley, but strictly as a clutch. I know it might fit like a cell, gloss, compact, and a coinpurse?
  6. Yeah only for her wedding :smile:

    And yeah it's pretty tiny..a phone and gloss is about all you're going to fit. It's pretty pricey for a bag that small. I still say PH first. :smile:
    Shirley- $810
    PH- $825
  7. PH! Great bag for the $$$! I don't have one but hear nothing but good things about it!
  8. Well the Shirley is indeed cute but I think the mono BH is more versatile and you can probably make much more use out of it.
  9. Ditto!
  10. A PH followed by a BH!
  11. i think the SHIRLEY is cute!!! i'm not a big fan of the PH... I like the BH better!!! get the shirley and then a BH instead!
  12. Yah, I only used my Shirley on my wedding. I wouldn't suggest it if you're going for practicality. The Pochette holds way more but, they are both really cute.
  13. hmmmm i think im just gonna toss a coin lolz:upsidedown: .. Im also a BH fan, but its really a big big bag :wtf: , grrr. i only stand 5'4":wlae: .. i already saw ph, its sooooo pretty... and could some1 pls post a pic of what u could fit inside a shirley... :yes: like a cell, coin purse etc..it will be a great help.. thank u :love:
  14. i have both, but it really depends on what you want it for.

    if it's for everyday use, then get the PH. if it's just as an evening bag or special occasion, then get the Shirley.
  15. I'm only 5'2 and have the BH..it's not as big as you'd think! The attached pic shows me with it.