if you watched Real Housewives of OC on Bravo..

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  1. if you watched Real Housewives of the OC , do you know if Jo carries the Speedy 25 or 30? Reruns are on right now as I write, and I feel like I should be able to figure this out since I have both sizes but I can't!
  2. I think it's a 30! Looks too big to me a 25 as I have 3 of them....and she is pretty small...:yes:
  3. I've seen that show. Looked like a 25 to me.
  4. i haven't seen it since it ended last season so hmmmm! :confused1:

    .. but i think it was the 30.
  5. i was watching an episode, and she was packing her duffle bag (45 or 50, maybe 55)

    and the inside was WHITE !

    so I wonder if some of her others are fake
  6. I think her speedy was a 30.
  7. I think it's a 30...
  8. Another vote for 30.
  9. on diffrent episodes it looked smaller or larger so i began to think she has both
  10. Many of her pieces were fake.

    One of my friends actually knows one of the ladies from the show. I've also been to Coto.
  11. ^^ OMG pls dish..anything will suffice!!
  12. I caught that right away when I was watching that episode. I even had to rewind my tivo to see if what I was seeing was real. I thought these girls were rich and they can't even afford real Louis??
  13. I think it was 30. I'm surprise to hear they are fake. I think if it's a fake, it's suppose to be blurred out.
  14. It looked like a 30. (Jo sort of drives me nuts by the way. I think it's her voice..."baaaaaaby")
  15. Having money doesn't mean they want to dish OUT that money. It's not really a matter of how much money one has, but how much one views "authenticity" as important. Obviously, she doesn't.