If you wanted something that you never needed to worry about vachetta

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  1. Wow... For a bag from 2000 that has not very much patina! I like it!
  2. that much vachetta is scary
  3. I would die f fear if I owned that bag
  4. That would drive me crazy. Personally I hate when vachetta patinas.
  5. my gosh, i would never wear it!! not even in the house!
  6. never!! i don't buy the bags with vachetta anymore, especially ones with it all over.
  7. lol I saw this a while back, it took me a while to realise ALL of that is vachetta
  8. I saw that bag!...lol, it made me laugh. That would be one high maintenance bag!
  9. You are right, high maintenance bag!!!!!!!!!!
  10. They should put it on a Halloween card to most LVlovers because that thing would cause freaking nightmares to most of us, lol!
  11. oooh, imagine that one all honey-coloured and gorgeous :love: