If you want to try a FANTASTIC shampoo for a cheap price...

  1. I went to Trade Secret yesterday to stock up on my beloved Matrix Biolage Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioning Balm. I was so pleased to see that the full sized shampoo and conditioner were packaged together in a holiday gift set for only $19.98! I went to the register feeling happy about this, and they girl informed me that it was on sale for $9.98!!! $10 off the already great price! Wheeee! I got two sets, which will last me forever.

    This shampoo and conditioner was mentioned in one of the "evil Pantene" threads as a great product. I can personally attest to this. Makes my very difficult hair soft, smooth, shiny and healthy. And it smells so clean, fresh and yummy!

    Oh, and as I was leaving the mall I noticed these same gift sets were available at other salons and such, but I do not know if they were $19.98 or $9.98. Either way, a great price!
  2. ^^ Nice haul LoriB! ITA that smell is heavenly.
  3. My sister loves Biolage, but we have very different hair. I really some of Matrix's other lines though!

    Ulta also has good deals on shampoo. If you have their club card, they send coupons that you can use on their prepackaged sets when they go on sale. They also have a clearance section in most stores; mine is usually loaded with the Matrix products in the purple bottles (I think that's the one for colored hair :shrugs:)...
  4. What a great deal! It's too bad I don't particularly love Matrix... haven't tried the Biolage kind though!
  5. Oh great! I love matrix biolage! :yes: