If you want the Legacy stripe ponytail scarf HURRY!

  1. I was at the Coach store today and purchased the Legacy stripe ponytail scarf.

    Now I have the Legacy khaki/ebony sig zip bag, the Legacy wristlet, and the legacy ponytail scarf.:wlae:
    If I could only find the legacy coin pouch and agenda *sigh*

    Back to the point, my SA said there are only 70 legacy ponytail scarfs available and once those are gone there gone for good. Grab one while you can ladies!
  2. i am still on the fence if i want one or not....ack! i need to make up my mind! Thank you so much for that info though.
  3. Yes, thanks - I was also thinking of getting one as well. You just made up my mind for me! :yes:
  4. Is it long enough to tie around your waist as a belt? That's the only thing I've been wondering!
  5. the agenda was for sale on eBay for $499! yikes!
  6. if you are small enough then yes.
  7. :wtf: WOW $499 I want it but not that bad!!!
  8. If you're a very small petite person. It measures 34 inches (from tip to tip). If you subtract about 10 inches from each end (I figure that's enough material to hang from your waist once you tie it), you talking about a 14 inch waist, give or take.
  9. i usually dont leave 10" hanging off, the super long skinny scarf i can leave a lot of room, but with the pony its enough for me to just tie.