If you want new shoes, do not buy it from Bluefly....

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  1. I was so excited when I saw the nude caberet in my size show up on their website. I have been wanting them ever since I saw the pictures of Kamillia's. They are so lovely. I could put them fast enough to my shopping cart.

    They came today in such poor condition.they are obviously worn(tried on). stained and dirty. one shoe color faded more than the other. My heart is broken. They are going back..... I could not believe they let the shoes in this kind of condition go out as NEW!!!:cursing:

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  2. Thats terrible! What a pain now. They are so pretty too! I know I purchased a pair of fendi shoes from Bluefly a few mos. back and though I loved them the heel was too high for me. The description said 3" but I think it was more like 4". If I had know that I never would of gotten them so had to send back.
  3. what a shame. the shoe is gorgeous.
  4. It's sad that this is happening. I have never experienced any problems before when buying things (clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories) from Bluefly. It might be that they're expanding too quickly, trying to jump on that CL trend, and not keeping up w/ the quality like they used to have--much like CL's quality w/ growing popularity. :nogood:
  5. oh no!! and I was just looking at their website. won't spend there...
  6. That's terrible. How disappointing for you.
  7. What was sad though, that I cancelled my preorder for python privatita, thought I would treasure these more even if just for keeping. Now my size is gone on saks.com :crybaby:
  8. Oh no! I am so sorry that this happened. You should complain to Bluefly because this is unacceptable.

    I will tell you about my experience when I purchased the nude cabarets. I found them on sale at the CL boutique and it was one of the last few pairs left so my size was the display model and in pretty bad condition. I asked my SA to have the shoes cleaned before I purchased them because I didn't want to risk purchasing the shoe and then learning that the stains couldn't be removed. When the shoes came back from the cobbler, they looked as good as new. And of course the boutique paid for the cleaning service since the shoe was stained before I purchased it. So there is hope if you want to keep them, I think that the stains on your shoes can be removed. But I would demand that Bluefly give you a discount in order to cover the cleaning costs.
    I'm so sorry but they are still beautiful shoes. AFAIK they are very rare and special so you should consider having them cleaned.
  9. Also, regarding the python privitatas, I am sure that returns will start popping up on saks.com soon. I plan on returning the second pair that I ordered to saks. Keep the page bookmarked.
  10. So sorry this happened. They are gorgeous. I have the black pair and they are lovely. I think you should take Kamilla's advice and try to get Bluefly to give you a sizable discount for not only the trouble, but also the costs of removing the stains.

    They are very rare shoes so I would see if that's an option. Keep us updated!
  11. I'm so sorry to hear this. I feel you! I wouldn't dare to buy pink/nude satin shoes from now on.. Can't bear the pain of seeing the color fade or stain.. I hope you find a solution to this and be compensated! You deserve every bit of it! Good luck ;)
  12. I've been lucky with Bluefly but have not bought CLs from them, only Choos and Chanel shoes so far, which both happened to be black. They do look bad and I would return them too. What a shame as they are gorgeous shoes!!
  13. I feel for you!!! It's horrible to be so excited about your order and receive them defective/used/in poor condition. That's horrible that BF would send these shoes in this condition. Don't they inspect returns? I agree with the rest, call BF send them the pictures and ask for a sizeable discount with a condition that if the stains dn't come out, you can still return them.

    Another option is dyeing them black, but IDK how you feel about that.

    Oh no! Hopefully your size will pop up again :sad:.
  14. It is not just the stains. probably hard to see from the pictures,but, one shoe is considerably faded. I don't know if they could make them look new again.
    There is another pair black in 5 1/2. it could very well fit me OK, but after this experience, I am afraid to trying again. :sad:

  15. So now my mind is working again.... Maybe the nude clichys, huh:graucho:. would you ladies mind to share that where you got from and how much is the retail?