If you want Empriente Speedy in Infini, get it now!!!!!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I just thought I would share what I learned today in case it helps anyone here.

    I have been obsessing over the empriente speedy 25 in infini for a while now. This color is being discontinued this year - according to several SA's I've talked to, they don't know exactly when, but its happening. Also with the looming price increase, I think these are getting snatched up quickly. My birthday is coming up and I'm going on a trip soon and was hoping to buy this bag during my vacation. I've been checking the website everyday, spoken with the LV store where I will be shopping, and talked with the folks on the 866 LV number. I've been told there are plenty in stock and not to worry, EVERY time. Well today I decided to just order it because I was so afraid the price would increase before I can get my hands on one. I checked the LV website this morning and it was in stock. This afternoon, GONE!!! I called 866 and they confirmed it was sold out. I called the store that I will be shopping in, and they had 1 left! Soooo, I'll be in Vegas and there are like 20 LV stores there, they said that all the other stores still had them, but when I called this particular store last month, the girl said they had a lot of them left and today I got the last one in that store. So because I'll be there soon, they let me pay for the bag and I'll pick it up once I arrive. Phew!!!

    Also, the SA on 866 said that as far as a price increase goes, she said they aren't told when that happens, but since they had an increase very recently she said she would be surprised if they had another one right now. I know last year they had one mid february but who knows. I hope that helps ease some of your minds, its frustrating not knowing!

    So, if you're considering the empriente speedy 25 in infini, you might want to take the plunge!
  2. I just bought my Infini 25 two weeks ago for this very reason! I absolutely love her and know you will love her too! If anyone is still looking, my store had two 25s in Infini (I bought one), so they may have one left. It's the LV in Natick, MA.
  3. Ah! Maybe I should go run and try the infini on to be sure... I wish the black would just come out so I could end my misery!!
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    You definitely should! I was on the fence about the black and Infini, but seeing the bags to be release in the black Emp (not speedy, but new Emp models), I feel that because the Infini isn't a true black and has the blue undertones, that it has much more depth as a color. Either way, you're going to end up getting a gorgeous bag! I'd at least go look at Infini in person so that you don't regret it down the road!
  5. I totally understand the rush! I plan to get the Lumi in Infini next week for this very reason. I kinda don't want to even wait that long but ill stay strong! Congrats on your new bag!
  6. Congrats on your beautiful new bag! You will absolutely love it!!
  7. Are you getting the wallet too? I think i saw that in another thread. Good luck! I have no clue about availability with the lumis. I have the emp wallet in infini and I love it so much. I can't wait to use it with the matching speedy! Let me know when you do a reveal, the lumineuse is so beautiful!
  8. I was also eyeing on this bag. So I went to the store today and tried on the infini speedy 25. They have all the colors at the SF Bloomingdales. It must be the lighting or something, the color looks very dull. The leather feels eee.. It was also heavy once I put in my things to try on the weight. I was disappointed and changed my mind about it. I end up getting the speedy B 25 in DE. I am not ready for the empriente collection yet. :sad:
  9. YAYYY!! I am so glad your story ended with a happy ending! As I was reading it, I was afraid you were going to say they were completely sold out and you didn't get one.
    WHEW!! lol
    Can't wait to see your reveal babydoll!!!! CONGRATSSSSS!
  10. Ugh, I guess no Infini for me. :sad: Black will have to do...I'm sure it'll be gorgeous.
  11. I am!!!!! I'm super excited! I'm going Infini crazy before its gone. Which Infini wallet do you own? I'm a little undecided but ill pick something. It's between the Curieuse, Secret and the Zippy. From pics I'm leaning towards the Zippy.
  12. I called this week regarding availability and they still have a decent amount. My local store still has one in stock and according the the customer services reps it shouldn't be hard to order one if my store sells it before Thursday. I'm a little anxious but what is meant to be will be :smile:
  13. +1 :search:
  14. I got my Infini speedy empreinte 30 in October 2013, and it was already low stock! It is a beautiful bag, and I couldn't imagine black to be comparable. So I highly recommend it.
  15. I am so glad you got one! I was worried for you! I've been using my Infini non-stop and even though I stressed when I heard about the Black, I'm so glad I have her! Almost everyone thinks my bag is black anyway. The leather is luxurious, and I do not find the bag heavy at all and I have the size 30. This is a fantastic bag and you nabbed a fantastic color!! HUGE congrats!