If you want coupons and codes...

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  1. You should pick up SHOP ETC. magazine. It's a new publication, not terribly exciting, but it's only $1.99. What makes it well worth it are the great coupons they have in the back, which often beat Lucky's in my opinion.
  2. a great site is reesycakes.com - they have a section for coupon codes that they collect from different places, including mags like shop and lucky. it's a one-stop reference!
  3. Cool! I've seen that mag at the store and never bothered cracking it open!
  4. reesycakes is the BEST. i never buy anything online until i check reesycakes first! :biggrin:
  5. Totally agree with you and amanda! Reesy has saved me lots of $$.
  6. WOW!!! Thanks for the great website info....i just used it for Banana Republic and Saks and just saved almost $100!!!!!:nuts:
  7. Thanks-I am going to check it out now
  8. Neiman Marcus free shipping on beauty or fragance "BEAUTY." I think it might work with other purchases as well.
  9. i always check reesycakes before i buy ANYTHING. i'll also check sites that have awesome discounts listed on there and it's helped me find some cool places.
  10. Hi, does anyone know some codes for luisaviaroma.com ??

  11. I have a subscription to that mag and I hadn't noticed the coupons...I will have to look for 'em. :amuse:
  12. Just want to thank all who posted about reesycakes.com on this and other threads.

    I was scrimping my way along to my next Mulberry, and was almost there when I remembered references to this coupon site.

    Needless to say, my Mulberry is on its way! :biggrin:

    Thanks again!!