If you want an inferno cucciolo

  1. then call Seattle outlet asap.....they found ONE among their campeggios.....and they're keeping it off the floor for one lucky purse forum member who wants to call and request to buy it!!!!

    Okay you babies on the way.....who's going to have cute little devils all over their bag?:smile:
  2. did anyone buy this?
  3. I think someone on the LJ forum just bought it... I just read a post about someone getting an Inferno Cucciolo from the WA outlet today.
  4. yup i read that person did get it at lj :p
  5. darn!
  6. but it doesnt hurt to call the outlets to check?? maybe they might find another one??:graucho:
  7. good idea vmasterz!
  8. goodluck :biggrin: tell them to search in their storage..cuz thats where its probably hiding!! :graucho: