if you want a great deal on a ntw inferno campeggio

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  1. I know! They alsos have a Buon Viaggio...I am still debating...I need to make up my mind.
  2. Oh wait...I clicked the button...whoops...I bought it...HAHAHA!
  3. I don't have a bv in anything, or I'd try to help you out. I 3 campeggios though....absolutely LOVE them! Hands free all the way when I need it!
  4. CONGRATS!!!!! Its a great looking bag!!!!:heart::tup:
  5. My friend has one in Foresta and she swears by it. I can't belive I only paid 101.00 including shipping! Really thats too good to pass up. I guess I am on ban now haha! I really want a Pirata BV, along with a Parasiso Zucca.
  6. ooooh.....would love one in foresta or a stellina in it! I swear by it too...just the handiest, "stuff everything into it" kind of bag!
  7. If you see anything in Paradiso in BV or Zucca for a good price let me know. I am watching a Mama Mia right now. I think it its at 57. I love buy nows...or best offer. I can't sit around and wait.
  8. That is such a great deal congrats! I'm glad you got it before I saw it because I should not be buying anymore right now, lol.
  9. yeah, I hate the bidding thing...I don't like it..big waste of time! If I see something like that I'll letyou know...same for me..I'm looking for a citta rosa stellina or gioco or consider a corriere....its on my signature the print placement I want! But its gotta be for a good deal!:yes:

  10. Ohh for sure!!! I will be on the look out. I wouldn't mind having a Citta Rosa in a BV. But The print placement is hard. I saw one I wouldn't mind getting but the motercycle girl's head was chopped off by the lesportsac line :sad:
  11. Congratz ToKiXtina! U got such a great deal!:yahoo:
  12. There are FOUR citta rosa corriere's on ebay right now! Two are starting at $140. Lots of other citta rosa, too: denaros, scuolas, nuvolas, a campeggio and a ciao ciao! There was a used citta rosa bambino earlier today with a BIN of $49 and it was up for like 2 minutes before it was snapped up. I was going to get it for my daughter, but before I could even hit the button, someone beat me to it!
  13. hmmm-makes me wonder if the outlets dropped their prices?? Marysville is right near the lesportsac outlet....
  14. did the outlets have citta rosa???:wtf: