if you use your cles as a keychain, can you

  1. still attach it to the ring inside your bag? thanks. :smile:
  2. Oooo, i never thought of doing that. such a good idea. ill check now
  3. As long as you don't have too many keys on your cles.
  4. its a bit of a fiddle but it does work. iv got 3 keys on mine.
  5. ^ thanks- i carry 3 keys and an auto lock thing. i use a pochette extender, but a cles seems like it would come in handy, if i can clip it!
  6. Yes....that's where I hang mine. It's so handy:p
  7. sure.. i think it'll fit if there arnt too many keys on it!
  8. Dont you find it kind of a pita to open and close the cles when attaching it to the d ring ?
  9. Never tried it !