If you use UPS does paypal cover you as a seller even though there is no delivery

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  1. confirmation like the post office I never use UPS only priority mail and someone for a 40$ purchase wants me to use UPS which is a hastle as I have no UPS close by but tons of post offices
  2. UPS offers tracking number- more detailed than USPS's DC #.
  3. I am sorry I am very confused by your post.

    1) if the delivery is not confirmed with a tracking number (USPS or UPS) then you aren't covered by Paypal.
    2) Do you have a staples near you? They often do UPS. Also, call UPS and see if a pickup is possible.
    3) if you are concerned about cost to ship UPS ground is likely about the same amount as USPS Priority and you are covered for $100 insurance automatically. The only real difference is travel time but they are requesting it so they can't complain that UPS takes longer.
  4. I agree with coachfreak. UPS Ground takes so much longer than USPS Priority Mail -- I can't imagine why your buyer would prefer that (unless it's a money issue). I don't know all the details, but I do believe UPS does free pick-ups.
  5. At my office UPS charges around $10-15 to schedule a pick up. Its free if the delivery guy happens to be here delivering something then I can just give it to him free of charge.