If you use sk-ll airtouch please list your color and

  1. your color in regular makeup to help people figure out what color to order since its so hard to do when we are ordering from japan.

    I ordered 2 colors oc1 and op3 I am not sure which I like best yet.
    I normally wear Mac SFFluid in Nc 15 , I am also using laura mercier cream ivory in the silk , and I have dior on 10 which is a little light but works.
    Hope this helps.
  2. im not sure im looking at the right thing, but my thing says bp4. i've been using this foundation since december and love it. i also have jane iredale in golden glow, laura mercier t.m. in fawn, becca in olive and armani in 5.5. but honestly, skII is the closest match to my skintone. hope that helps out!
  3. how long are your refills lasting ? do you use it daily ?
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  5. i have a box of refills, but im still on my first packet, which was purchased in january or february. hope that helps!
  6. i try to use it whenever i work...about 3-5 times a week. :smile:
  7. wow thats lasting quite awhile. Good to know. How logn do you spray each time? Im not sure if Im doing it to long or not long enough for the best coverage.
  8. i do it really quick, from starting at my chin and going up and then a second go over my cheeks and nose area (they tend to be a bit red). if i have dark circles that day, i just put ysl touche eclat lightly on them first, then spray. i don't linger over an area really, and my application probably is less than 30 seconds. i never watched that little dvd, so maybe they have a different method?

    hope that helps!