if you use a shoulder strap for speedy 25 damier ebene..please respond

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  1. Hello there,

    I am waiting for my speedy 25 damier ebene strap to arrive. If you also use such a strap, can you please let me know how it is and if there are any issues? Specifically, does putting the strap near the handles change the shape of the purse over time? I need a strap because I plan to carry the bag on my shoulder or as a crossbody bag. Thanks!!
  2. Hello, Where did you order your speedy shoulder strap? I am trying to find one too for my speedy 30....Thanks!
  3. I have the Damier 30 and use a strap sometimes on and off. Yes, the shape does change and it gets this weird crooked sag, so it only looks good when it’s completely stuffed. Also, after few months of continuous use of the strap, the gold on the inside of the square thingy that holds the hand straps (don’t know what their called, hope making myself clear :P), almost completely rubbed off. You can’t really tell from a distance, but from up close you can definitely see it. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend using the strap regularly, but once in awhile if you what to go shopping hand free, go for it. But if you want a messenger bag for everyday, this is probably not it.
  4. Wow :wtf: I didn't know the gold on the brass buckle that holds the handles gets rubbed off. I have been using my Mono Speedy 30 with a strap but I wouldn't go without it though. Yesterday, I had to use the public bathroom and the strap helped to hang the bag off the hook without injuring the handles. Also, when I went to wash my hands, the sinks and counters were all wet. :yucky: Vachetta + soppy wet hands are a no-no. :nono: So, I just carried my bag on one shoulder and it was totally worry-free. :biggrin:

    That's why I like the shoulder strap. A totally handheld bag with naked vachetta is just problematic when life throws you lemons. :yes:

    Oh, I 'cured' the wicked crooked sag (like a torqued Coke can) by using a HippieGal Shaper inside.
  5. ^^^ yep, I was sooo sad when I discovered the rubbed off gold. But then i got over it, a bag is meant to be used after all :P I still use the strap once in a while but not all the time to not further the damage.
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    ^:true: Yeah, it is meant to get used^ and I should just enjoy it along with the fear of getting the vachetta dirty.

    But, yeah, I'll definitely keep my shoulder strap on and try to minimize the wear on the brass buckles. I thought I was so smart to avoid getting the vachetta handles dirty. I guess I have to weigh the options of one or the other. :shrugs:
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    this message is for SaharY67:

    try calling your local LV boutique and ask if they can call around to find one for you. that's what i did. if you don't have any luck, pls let me know.
  8. thanks to all who've replied to me!! a few days ago, i didn't think anyone was going to respond:smile: great to know about the gold rubbing off. washing my hands is precisely one such occasion where i cannot imagine not having a shoulder strap on my bag..i totally agree with you. i will try to use the strap occasionally and hold it by the handles as much as i can to avoid the rubbing off. thanks again for the responses!!